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How To Sync Zoho Mail With Outlook

If you have your email set on Zoho Mail and wondering How to sync Zoho Mail with Outlook, then congratulations as you have finally landed the right page. Zoho is a popular email hosting platform but many of the users have reported issues while logging in through Webmail. The Zoho Mail IMAP Settings Outlook is easy to configure and lets you sync Zoho mail and Outlook together. So, if you are looking for the right way to configure Zoho mail exchange outlook, then you need Zoho POP settings to sync with Outlook. Do not worry, Zoho mail configuration outlook pop3 is easy to install if you read our guide carefully and follow the instructions. If you want to know How to configure Zoho Mail in Outlook, go through the blog from top to bottom and add Zoho mail to outlook without any hustle. Our guide will help you install Zoho mail outlook 2016 as well as Zoho mail configuration in outlook 2010 and give you a comparative analysis of Zoho mail vs outlook.

Know how to sync Zoho Mail with Outlook

You can easily set Zoho mail In Outlook 2016. All you need to do is to follow the below-mentioned steps. The procedure is super easy and elaborate steps will help you in setting Zoho mail without any confusion. You can also add Zoho mail to Outlook via two account settings: IMAP & POP. Let us begin with Zoho IMAP settings in Outlook. You can easily configure Zoho mail in Outlook with the help of IMAP settings.

Zoho Mail IMAP Settings Outlook 2016

  1. First of all, launch MS Outlook 2016
  2. Now, click on the File menu and then Add Account
  3. You have to select Manual Setup for account addition
  4. Now, choose POP or IMAP option
  5. Here you have to enter your name and Email address in User Information
    • Set Account type: Enter IMAP
    • Incoming mail server: Type
    • Outgoing mail server: Type
    • After filling the details, you need to provide the User name and Password of your Zoho account
  6. Now, to proceed further, you have to click on More Settings…
  7. Now, you have to move to the Outgoing Server option 
  8. You need to shift to the Advanced tab and then enter the server port numbers but remember you should do it quite carefully. In the incoming server, you have to enter 993 and in the encryption, type SSL. In the outgoing server, enter 465 and then in the encryption, enter SSL.

Now, close the Zoho Mail IMAP Settings Outlook window, hit the Next button before clicking on the Finish option to connect Zoho Mail to Outlook.  

After following our guide on Zoho Mail IMAP Settings Outlook, you will make Zoho mail login Outlook. In case you are not able to see the mail Zoho Outlook folder panel, just restart the MS Outlook application.

The Zoho mail integration with Outlook will not be completed until you configure Zoho Mail IMAP Settings Outlook with POP settings. Now, do not worry about How to sync Zoho Mail with Outlook with POP settings, we have given the procedure below. While most of the process is the same between IMAP and POP settings, the only difference has been explained below.

Zoho Mail Outlook POP Settings

  • In the Account Type, write POP3.
  • Under the Incoming mail server, fill in ‘’. The Incoming server needs to be set as 995, while Encryption will be SSL.

Now when you know how to configure Zoho Mail in Outlook, restart the MS Outlook application and start emailing.

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