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How To Setup Yahoo Mail On iPhone

Email communication is an essential part of life. You can not imagine a day without checking your inbox. Yahoo Mail is one of the most popular and user-friendly email hosting websites. While the best of the emailing experience still lies in the computer system, you can access Yahoo Mail on your mobile phone as well. In our blog, we will tell you about a range of methods to configure iPhone Yahoo Mail settings. So if you are looking for the right way to set up Yahoo Mail on iPhone, you are on the right page. We will explain to you the step by step procedure on how to set up Yahoo Mail on iPhone. Apple has a built-in Mail app for all its devices to access the email from any hosting platform in the easiest way. No matter if you are looking for Yahoo Mail settings for iPhone 4s, Yahoo Mail settings for iPhone 6, or searching about how to set up Yahoo Mail on iPhone XR, our elaborate and easy guide will help you all. For the setup, you just need your email address and password. And when you manage to access Yahoo Mail from your iPhone, do not forget to recommend your friend the same guide on iPhone Yahoo Mail account settings. If you manage to send new emails after following our guide, look for the past email messages and make sure you are getting all incoming emails.

The instructions on iPhone Yahoo Mail settings mentioned in this article are applicable to how to set up Yahoo Mail on iPhone 4s and how to set Yahoo Mail in iPhone 6. It also workd fine with the iOS 12, iOS 11, and iOS 10. Point to note here is that the older versions of iOS are expected to work similarly, however, the menu items may vary slightly.

Yahoo Mail Settings For iPhones

In case you want to configure iPhone Yahoo Mail settings, go through the instructions mentioned below. The steps are super easy and you will be able to install iPhone Yahoo Mail settings without any problem. So, without further ado, check out the steps below carefully.

  1. To begin with, the iPhone Yahoo Mail settings, open the settings on your iPhone in order to add a Yahoo Mail email account to the Mail app.
  2. Now, you need to go to the Passwords & Accounts option.
  3. In case you do not get to see this option, you have to go to the Mail and then Accounts or Mail. Now click on Contacts
  4. option and then tap on the Calendars, depending on your iOS version.
  5. Here, you have to choose the option of Add Account and then tap on the iPhone Yahoo Mail settings.
  6. Now fill in your Yahoo email address and then tap on the Next option.
  7. In case you do not know your email address, learn how to find your email address.
  8. Enter your password in the Yahoo email account and then click on the Sign-in option.

Forget your Yahoo password? Resetting it is easy within the iPhone Yahoo Mail settings.

Resetting the Yahoo password is super easy. You might require to reset your Yahoo password if your have forgotten it. While resetting the password with the iPhone Yahoo Mail settings, if you are prompted to enter a code in order to verify your identity, you have to follow the on-screen steps. You will get the code to a different email address or to your smart phone- It can be a text or phone call,  depending on how to set up Yahoo Mail on iPhone.

iPhone Yahoo Mail settings

  1. You have to turn on the Mail toggle switch.
  2. You can enable other items you want to sync, such as Contacts or Calendar events but that is optional.
  3. Now tap on the Save option
  4. The Next step is to Sign in and tap on the Save buttons for Yahoo! Mail on iOS
  5. As soon as you set up Yahoo Mail on iPhone, your Yahoo email account will begin syncing with your iPhone

For following the steps listed above, one does not need to make changes to the email server settings the phone uses to set up Yahoo Mail on iPhone. This is because you have directly logged in from the web. However, there are chances that you may require the server settings to set up Yahoo Mail on iPhone if you want to set up your account manually or in case the instructions listed above do not work.

To send mail through the Yahoo account from your iPhone, your device needs to have SMTP settings. You have to enter Yahoo Mail SMTP server settings to send emails.

In case your set up Yahoo Mail on iPhone has not been successful, you need to check whether your phone is using the correct Yahoo Mail POP server settings or not. POP is one way to download emails. Another option that you have is IMAP, in which case you have to use the Yahoo Mail IMAP server settings.

Now when you know how to set up Yahoo Mail on iPhone, it is time to configure it on your desktop as well. Microsoft-administered Outlook will be the best email client to access your Yahoo Mail on the computer system.

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