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Yahoo Email Settings For Mac Mail

Do you use Mac mail and are looking forward to setting up yahoo mail on mac? There are many people who want to configure yahoo mail in mac mail as it is one of the popular email service providers. In fact, with yahoo mail set up on mac, you can enjoy an array of other services such as notepads, calendars, contacts, etc as well. In addition, when you configure yahoo mail on mac mail, you can have all the mails in one platform. This means, you can keep track of all your emails and also prevent losing any of them. That’s why it is always wise to opt for yahoo email settings for mac mail to make life simpler.

To help you with yahoo email settings mac mail, we have compiled all the steps in details in this blog-post. You have to follow them step-by-step to ensure that you don’t skip any, thus launching yahoo mail on mac mail properly. And that’s not the end, we will also go over a few problems that people usually face in yahoo mac mail settings. So, we have got you covered with everything you need to know. Stop worrying and start reading now!

How to Set Up Yahoo Mail on Mac

Yahoo mail settings for mac can be a little challenging but not very tricky if you follow all the steps thoroughly. And if you are stuck at any step, you can always call for professional help who are always there to help you at any time. All you need to do is pick up your phone and give them a ring. You can also drop them an email based on what suits you best.

Important Note

When you set up yahoo mail on mac, you have to pay close attention to yahoo mail server settings for mac. If you fail in making changes to mac servers, then you might face issues in mail reception which is a complete no-no. So, when you are setting yahoo mail on mac, take a note of yahoo pop settings mac mail and more.

Now, we will tell you everything about yahoo email settings for mac mail in the following steps. But before you begin you should be ready with the password if you already have an account. If you don’t have an account, then create one at first and then move ahead to configuration of yahoo mail on mac mail. Otherwise, if you have an account, then login from the web browser once, log in to your account and check if it’s working or not. Thereafter, keep the password handy as it will be required while setting up yahoo mail on mac. And, then you can begin with yahoo email settings mac mail.

Here are the steps for setting yahoo mail on mac, keep reading and find out everything you need to know about yahoo mail on mac mail..

  1. Launch your home screen and go to the Apple menu.
  2. From there navigate to ‘System preferences.’
  3. Then, choose Internet accounts.
  4. Thereafter, pick Yahoo from the drop-down list of internet service providers. If you don’t have a slot for yahoo, type it manually and get it.
  5. Then select Yahoo and that’s when a new window will appear where you will be asked to fill the credentials.
  6. To sign-in your Yahoo account, enter your yahoo email address and then click on ‘next.’
  7. Thereafter, if you want, you can check the box beside ‘stay signed in’. ‘
  8. And in case you have forgotten the username, you can retrieve it by clicking on the ‘forgot username’ link. For the latter, you have to follow all the instructions that will be showcased once you click on the link.
  9. After entering your yahoo email id, click on ‘next.’
  10. Thereafter, a new window will open up where you have to enter your password and then click on ‘next.’
  11. Now, if you have forgotten your password, you have to click on ‘forgot password’ link and follow all the instructions that will come once you click on the link.
  12. Once you click on the link, you will be asked to enter your email id. Thereafter, a reset link will be sent to your email id so you need to open the link and create a new password. Whenever you create a new password, make sure you make a strong one with special characters, numbers and alphabets. You need to re-enter the new password to confirm it and then save changes. That’s how you will successfully create a new password when you forget the old one.
  13. Now, after entering the password, when you log in to your account, Mac OS will ask you about the services that you would like to enjoy with yahoo mail. The list may comprise of Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders and Notes. Choose the options that you like and then click on ‘done.’
  14. Then, your yahoo mail account will be listed in the internet accounts list.
  15. Now you can open yahoo mail from your system or app and start sending or receiving emails without much effort.

If you are looking forward to setting up yahoo mail on mac, follow all the above-mentioned steps and you will be able to launch yahoo mail on mac mail. And if you require more assistance, you can always opt for professional support by calling or writing to them. However, the yahoo email settings for mac mail are extremely easy. You just need to be patient while configuring the settings and within a few minutes you will be able to access yahoo mail on mac mail.

How to Solve Problems during Setting up Yahoo Mail on Mac

When you configure any app on your phone or mac, you might face a series of problems that will be mentioned below:

  • The problem in logging into yahoo account.
  • Entering the incorrect password or username.
  • Unstable internet connection.
  • Account not valid.
  • Enabling VPN secure connection.
  • Outdated app and software.
  • Incorrect server settings

These are common problems that are usually faced by users. So, if you face them while setting up yahoo mail on mac, do not get worked up as we are here with all the probable solutions:

Check the internet connection

When you have a slow internet, then logging into a yahoo mail account can be troublesome. That’s why you should check the internet connection. If need be, opt for a power-cycling method where you need to switch off the Wi-Fi router and reconnect with the device once again. This method comes handy and can be of great help.

Update the app and software

How can you access yahoo mail app without any trouble if the app is not updated? Well, it is very important to constantly update your app or software to make sure that it supports all the programs without much effort. So, open the settings and update your iOS version and iphone as well.

Be thorough with server settings

The server settings are the key when it comes to syncing yahoo mail on mac mail. So, make sure you have followed all the steps when you are configuring the servers. Also, make sure that the hostnames and the port values of incoming and outgoing servers are accurate or else you will face problems in mail reception.

Change your username or password

There are times when people forget their username and password. In that case, you have to click on the reset link and follow the instructions. For username, you might be asked a few security questions as a security measure. For changing the password, you have to enter a new one and enter it to confirm it. But make sure you create a strong password to prevent hacking of the account.

Disable VPN connection

VPN connection hides your location that makes the internet provider suspicious of your action. That’s why, it is best to disable the VPN connection when logging in yahoo mail account and more.

Try after sometime

When you try to log in to your yahoo mail account with the wrong password or username, the account can get blocked for 12 hours or more. In such a situation, you have no option than waiting. So, wait until the lockdown has passed and then login again.

Frequently Asked Questions – Yahoo Mail On Mac

Do you have any questions? Well, people generally come with many doubts and that’s why we have listed a few common questions to help you get an idea. And if your question tallies with the ones that are listed below, then you can also get your answers without any delay.

Is setting up yahoo mail on mac difficult?

Setting up yahoo mail on mac is not at all difficult if you follow all the steps in detail. You should follow all the steps thoroughly that are mentioned above in the blog-post. If you require more assistance, you can always go for professional guidance.

Will my other email accounts face issues if I configure yahoo email settings for mac mail?

If you configure yahoo mail on mac mail, the other email accounts will not face any problem. This is because all the settings are unique and can be distinguished without much effort. So, configure the yahoo mail on your mac without any worries.

How long will the configuration take place?

The configuration of yahoo email settings for mac mail can take 15to20 minutes provided that your system is faster. On the other hand, if your system is slow, then it might take an hour or two. But if you update your system or app, then it won’t take much time.

Why do I face problems in setting up yahoo mail on mac mail?

There can be many reasons behind the problems that you can face during setting up yahoo mail on mac mail. From unstable internet connection to outdated app, from wrong server settings to enabling VPN connection, all these can lead to errors.

Can I sync in other email accounts to mac mail?

Of course, you can sync other mail accounts with mac mail just like you did for yahoo. But the steps will be different for each mail type. So, follow them and get the mail of your choice.

What is the difference between yahoo mail and mac mail?

There is only one major difference between yahoo mail and mac mail and that is – yahoo mail is a third-party mail whereas, mac mail is the in-built mail of iOS system.

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