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Wowway Email Server Settings on iPhone

Wow known to be as WideOpenWest is one of the broadest cable operators in the US. The organization offers landline phone, digital TV, and broadband Internet administrations. There are subscribers increased to 844,500.

Confronting problems with WOWWAY email server settings on iPhone when you configure the email account of WOWWAY. Here we are there to help out in solving the trouble faced by you. In this article, get the information in particular on the email on your iPhone device.

The article encloses all the necessary WOWWAY POP, IMAP, and SMTP worker settings you might be searching for. Discover below the settings that are scattered into easier advances that are truly simple to observe and enforce exclusively. In the article we will help and guide you as in the wake of experiencing the equivalent in feature, you will probably not require to struggle in setting up the email settings of wowway on the iPhone.

How to set up the WOWway email on iPhone?

Go to the website at to set the email settings on the iPhone.

The WOWWAY IMAP settings are required for activating the incoming email services. Enter the server settings cautiously as any misstep can prompt disappointment inactivation of the mail.

The Settings WOWWAY POP3 
You can likewise go to the settings of WOWWAY POP3 if you want to configure the email account as the POP account.

The SMTP Settings For Wowway
If you want to avail of the services of outgoing mail of the WOWWAY.COM, you need to include and then apply the settings WOWWAY SMTP as referenced. 

After applying the active mail settings as previously mentioned, you should search for the generation of the administrations. Send the email to your contacts from email and check whether the email is mailed or not. If the email is delivered effectively, at that point there isn’t anything to stress over.

Can I add the wowway emails on the iPhone?

When the user decides to set up the  WOWWAY emails on the iPhone, he or she struggles with the question “how can I set up the WOWWAY email on the iPhone?” Below you will get the information regarding the settings of the email. You will discover beneath the simple stepwise strategy to set up an email account on the iPhone.

Follow the following steps:-

  1. First and foremost, go to the settings on the iPhone.
  2. Then, choose the “Mail” tab from the menu.
  3. Now, choose the tab “Accounts”.
  4. Then hit the tab “Add Account”.
  5. Hit the “Other” tab.
  6. Now, tap on the “Mail Account” to add.
  7. Enter the necessary information such as name, email id, and the password in given areas, and after that hit the “Next” tab.
  8. Choose POP server or IMAP server to add the wowway email to your iPhone.
  9. If you have chosen the POP server for incoming emails, at that point you will be asked to enter all the necessary subtleties under incoming email and outgoing email.
    • You should include your email id in the space given for user id. The username and the password need to be the same for the outgoing and the incoming mail.
    • Type in a spot of the approaching mail worker hostname. 
    • Type in the area provided “” for the outgoing email hostname. 
    • You may choose the IMAP in the speck of the POP server for the incoming email and afterward, input the settings as referenced underneath. 
    • Ensure that your WOWWAY email address is the username. The username and password will be the equivalent for both the outgoing and incoming mail. 
    • The Information “” in the space provided. 
    • The input “” in the space for outgoing servers.
  10. Hit the Next tab after putting all the necessary settings according to your choice of IMAP or POP.
  11. A brief message may show up on the screen for the check of the incoming and outgoing mail details, you can either tap on the “Proceed” button for every one of the servers or hit on the Details and afterward tap on the  Trust.
  12. Tap the save tab to protect and then apply the aforesaid settings for your server.
  13. Choose the account you created.
  14. After that, choose the server SMTP.
  15. You need to check that the server settings of SMTP are set up properly as per the instructions and then hit the “Done” tab.

We trust that our article covering the WOWway email settings for various gadgets and email customers enabled you in the configuration of the WOWWAY email account. If you face any trouble while applying the previously mentioned steps or stuck someplace in the necessary cycle, at that point simply connect with our specialized group. Our specialized group will assist you in settling your concern or question. We are at your administration 24*7 as we firmly have faith in acquiring more prominent consumer loyalty and trust.

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