Windows Error 0xc0000001

Users of Windows 7, 8, or 10 might encounter several types of errors due to varied purposes and strategies. Error code 0xc0000001 is one of such regular blunder codes revealed by the clients of Windows 10. To evade any deficiency of work, fixing this blunder gets integral.

What is Error Code 0xc0000001 in Windows?

The error code 0x0000001 accompanies a message code “0xc0000001 on the Startup”. Certain clients of Windows may likewise get the message “Windows deployment services experienced a blunder 0xc0000001”. The clients of Windows 10 as well as the clients of Windows 7, Windows 8 also can get this blunder on their frameworks.

What are the reasons the Windows Error Code 0xc0000001 Occur?

There are different reasons why the Windows system32 boot winload exe status 0xc0000001 blunder might be arising on your Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10.

Here are the few of them that we will be discussing:-

  1. Damage or Corrupt Security Account Manager (SAM) document is a significant reason for this error in your Windows. The SAM document resembles the storage facility of client certifications information. This document is fundamental for the Windows booting measure. Thus, when this document gets bad or harmed, or disappears, your system will see this type of error.
  2. This error can happen on the PC when the key boot-related framework documents become harmed. These records can get harmed because of the virus, power blackouts, or disk writing errors.
  3. Now and again, the whole record arrangement of your Windows PC can get harmed or get bad in which it fails to inject an image and only shows the error code on the screen. This is another purpose behind the errors appearing on your PC.
  4. Another reason behind this error is that your RAM is damaged. Any defects or harms in the RAM increase the chance to cause this error.

Hope this will help you out when you are unable to detect it.

Let’s proceed to check out the solutions or remedies to fix the error caused.

Can I Fix the Windows 7 Status 0xc0000001 Error Code?

Yes, you can surely fix the windows 7 error code. At any point when the error code 0xc0000001shows up on your Windows 7, you can utilize the Easy Recovery Essentials just as you attempt to copy the SAM document from the Repair file. By doing so will fix the blunder.

Go through these strategies in the accompanying categories.

1. Easy Recovery Essentials on Windows 7

To fix the error on Windows 7 try using Easy Recovery Essentials. 

Below are the steps to be followed:-

  1. Firstly, you need to download “Easy Recovery Essentials” for Windows 7.
  2. Next, proceed to burn the ISO image. Make sure to do this step carefully.
  3. Now, create a CD that is bootable.
  4. After that boot the system with this CD.
  5. The “Easy Recovery Essentials” will regulate the system. Now hit on the option “Automated Repair” and then tap the “Continue” button.
  6. By doing the above step the drive will scan your files. A list pops up, select the drive letter i.e C, D, or E to save the “Windows Installation”.
  7. Now, you need to tap on “Automated Repair”.
  8. With this the error will be detected by “Easy Recovery Essentials” and it will fix it.
  9. Once the process completes a notification message will be displayed on your screen and then tap the “Restart” button to reboot the PC. 

2. Copy SAM File

Another incredible answer for settling the Windows 7 status 0xc0000001 from the PC is to copy the SAM document. You can discover this record in the Repair organizer. 

Following are the stages to be followed:-

  1. Firstly, you need to sign in to start Windows 7 on your pc.
  2. At that point boot the windows with the assistance of a “Windows Installation CD”.
  3. Presently, click “Command Prompt” to open and paste the link on it -“Copy C:\Windows\Repair\Sam C:\Windows\System32\Config”
  4. You might be approached to keep overwriting the first document. Tap the “Y” key for yes. 
  5. At the point when the SAM document has been replicated, the blunder ought to get eliminated.

How to fix Error Code 0xc0000001 on Windows 8.1?

You can fix the error that occurred on Windows 8.1 by following these simple methods:

1. Get New RAM Modules

Error code 0xc0000001 can bug your device when you have put in new RAM modules. As an important fix, you can attempt to supplant the new RAM modules. At that point check whether your PC shows the blunder.

2. Conduct SFC Scan

Conducting the SFC scan command can enable you in eliminating in windows 8.1 the error 0xc0000001 from the system.

Follow the steps mentioned below:-

  1. First, utilize “Windows Installation Disk” and start the booting process.
  2. Pick the “Language”, “Time”, and “Console Input” according to the preference.
  3. Next tap on the option “Repair Your Computer”. 
  4. Choose the drive letter for “Windows Installation Drive” and then tap the “Next” option.
  5. Now go to the “System Recovery Options”, and then choose the “Command Prompt” option.
  6. Next, fill the given command in the ” Command Prompt”
    “sfc/scannow/offbootdir=D:\/offwindir=D:\Windows”  and afterward click “Enter” tab.

Instead of “D”, fill the letter of the drive where the Windows has been introduced.

How can you Stop or Fix the Error Code 0xc0000001 on Microsoft Windows 10?

Go through the methods to fix the error.

1. Enforce Easy Recovery Essentials

Resolve the error with the assistance of Easy Recovery Essentials.

Follow the instructions mentioned below:-

  1. Firstly, download the module “Easy Recovery Essentials”.
  2. Next, you need to install and then launch “Easy Recovery Essentials”.
  3. A set of guidelines will be displayed on the screen to burn the bootable ISO picture.
  4. At that point adhere to the on-screen directions for making “Easy Recovery Essentials Recovery USB Drive/CD”.
  5. Utilize “Easy Recovery Essentials Recovery USB Drive/CD” to restart the Windows.
  6. Once the module starts to operate, choose the “Automated Repair” tab. 
  7. At the time when the module starts operating, it evaluates the drives of your PC. After the completion of the process, from the list pick the drive for the “Windows Installation”.
  8. Presently, tap on the “Automated Repair” tab. 
  9. Your drive will be examined to discover any bugs or mistakes. The module will confirm the issues for auto-correct blunders with the disk, partition, bootloader, boot sector, document system, and registry. You will be informed about the quests. At that point, tap on the “Restart” tab and reboot the Windows 10 PC thus assessing the changes.

The Windows boot supervisor blunder will be taken out from your framework when this technique is complete.

2. Run the CHKDSK Utility

The hard drive of the Windows 10 might face issues that hinder you from updating the system. If you run the CHKDSK utility then the error will be resolved to an extent.

Following are the steps to be followed:-

  1. Add the “Windows Installation Disk”. 
  2. Then, you will be approached to pick a “Language”, “Time”, and “Keyboard Input”. Choose options.
  3. Next, hit the “Repair Your Computer” tab.
  4. Now proceed to pick the Windows installation and then tap the Next tab. 
  5. The “System Recovery Options” box will display and then you need to choose “Command Prompt”.
  6. Type the command in the “Command Prompt” l
    “chkdsk c:/f”. Now tap the Enter key.

 3. Use Safe Mode for Uninstall

While installing surface pro 3 in Windows 10 an error code 0xc0000001 will be displayed on the screen. This product might be causing issues and the reason for this code. Uninstalling this product will be an incredible thought.

The steps to be followed are mentioned below:-

  1. First, switch on and start Windows 10.
  2. You need to click the “Shift” key and the “F8” key together when the screen begins to load.
  3. Next, tap on “Troubleshoot”.
  4. Now click the “Advanced Options”.
  5. Hit the “Startup Setting”.
  6. Now click on the “Restart” button.
  7. Click the F4 key after the system rebooted so that the Safe Mode option is enabled.
  8. Now select  “Windows” and “R” keys together and tap on it to open the “Windows Settings”.
  9. Select “Apps”.
  10. Hit on “Apps & Features”.
  11. Now discard the previous software.
  12. Last, reboot the Windows 10 device.

4. Use Startup Repair

“Windows failed fast startup with error status 0xc0000001” this message will display on the screen of the PC because of a few reasons. To determine this, you can attempt Startup Repair in the Windows Recovery Environment.

Follow the steps mentioned below:-

  1. At first, go to the site of Microsoft and then download the “Windows 10 Media Creation Tool” on different devices. Make sure that the device should be free from error.
  2. Next, install and then launch the “Windows 10 Media Creation Tool”.
  3. Now approve the terms of license of the tool.
  4. Choose the option of “Create Installation Media for different PC”. Tap the “Next” tab.
  5. Select “USB Flash Drive”. 
  6. The “Windows 10 Installation” file will download. Next, proceed to connect the pc that has the error with the “USB Disk”.
  7. Using the “USB Flash Drive” boot the computer.
  8. Once the reboot is completed click “Repair Your Computer”.
  9. In the “Windows Recovery Environment” select  “Troubleshoot”.
  10. Select “Advanced Options”.
  11. Tap on “Startup Repair” and with this, the process is completed.

5. Reset the device

Another awesome answer for settling the Windows 10 blunder code 0xc0000001 incorporates resetting your PC. 

Get familiar with the right method to do it in 6 stages. 

  1. Windows installation media will assist to boot the PC. 
  2. At that point tap on “Troubleshoot”. 
  3. Click on “Reset this PC”. 
  4. The next step is to choose “Keep My Files” or “Eliminate Everything” options.

    If you choose “Keep My Files”, all the applications just as settings will be eliminated. Your own records won’t be taken out. At the point when you select the alternative of “Remove Everything”, all the applications, settings, and your own documents will be taken out.
  5. At the point when the wizard shows up, follow it to continue. 
  6. In conclusion, reboot the Windows 10 PC.

In this post, we read about awesome techniques that can clear off the 0xc0000001 blunder code from Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. At this point, utilizing these fixes, you would have doubtlessly pushed this blunder out of your Windows PC.

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