How To Rotate A Video With Windows Media Player and VLC Player

At times when you playback videos captured with your phone on your PC, they perform in the mistaken alignment in Windows Media Player. While the program proposes no built-in method to rotate videos, a third-party tool namedVLC lets you modify the video orientation in Windows Media Player.


How to Rotate a Video With VLC

The VLC media player is an often informed program by an effective open source creator community. Download and install VLC for Windows from the VideoLAN website.

To rotate videos using VLC:

  • Open the VLC application, then click on Media > Open File and select the video you need to rotate.
  • Select Tools > Effects and Filters.
  • In the Adjustments and Effects windows, choose the Video Effects tab, then choose the Geometry tab.
  • Choose the Transform checkbox, then click the drop-down menu beneath and pick the option you want. The video rotates consistently as you make a selection.
  • When you’re convinced with the rotation, click Save, then click Close to go back to the main VLC interface.

How to Save Your Rotated Video in VLC

To save the rotated video in a suitable arrangement:

  • Click Tools > Preferences.
  • Click All in the bottom-left corner of the Preferences window.
  • Scroll down the left menu window to locate the Stream output section, then grow the Sout stream tab and click Transcode.
  • On the right side of the window, click the Rotate video filter checkbox, and then select Save.
  • Select Media > Convert/Save.
  • Select Add in the Open Media window, then select the file that you just rotated and select Convert/Save.
  • Select Browse under the Destination section in the Convert window, and then select a current file to overwrite, or insert a new file name.
  • Select Start to initiate the conversion process and save the video file.


Rotate a Video in Windows Media Player in Windows 7

  • If your device has a windows 7 system then you required to install or download the windows movie maker
  • If the system is vista then the application is available from before only.
  • Therefore open the program by getting to start and running windows movie maker
  • Go to home in the toolbar
  • Select “add photos and videos” you can see on the list
  • Now rotate the troublesome video by using the rotate option in the toolbar
  • Press save the movie to freeze the file in the adjusted angle


On this post, I have told you about how you can rotate a video in Windows Media Player. If I have forgotten to write any other methods please let me know in the comment box.