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New users of the iPhone may not be aware of how to set or add the email.

Let’s have a look at the procedures to set the Sasktel Email account on your iPhone:-

  1. Go to the home screen

    At first click on the Settings tab.

  2. Click on Mail

    Now, you need to choose the Mail tab and click on it.

  3.  Choose Account

    Next, click the Accounts tab.

  4. Add Mail to set up

    Click on Add Account then choose the Other option and after that tap on the Add Mail Account.

  5. Type the account details

    Here you need to type the sasktel email account details. Enter the wrong password and after that click on the Next tab.

    If you type the password wrongly you can choose the POP and IMAP and type the settings of the secure port. If correctly entered the password then port 110 will be set which is not safe. 
    The account will be verified by the system. It will show up an error message.

  6. Click on the Ok button

    Hit the Ok tab when the error message “Cannot Get Mail” pops up.

  7. Select the Settings

    You need to select either POP or IMAP.

  8. Type the Correct Password

    From the link at, you need to type the correct password in Outgoing Mail Server and also in Incoming Mail Server.

  9. Save the Settings

    Click on Next (IMAP) or Save (POP).
    In IMAP –  tabs for Mail and Notes with on or off sliders.

  10. Click Save

    Hit the Save tab and here you will see Mails, Contacts and Calendars.

  11. On Mail, Contacts, Calendars screen

    1. Now go to the Accounts and click “your account”.
    2. Next hit the Account tab if you have selected IMAP. If you have select POP, then go to Settings then Mail, Contact, Calendar and after that the link and at last tap on the Account tab.
    3. Now take the pointer to the Advanced Tab and click on it.

  12. Advanced Screen

    Here tap the Incoming Settings.
    Next change the Settings.
    SSL – On.
    Authentication – Password.
    Port – 993 (IMAP), 995 (POP)
    Now click on the Account option.

  13. Account Option

    In Outgoing Mail Server, click on SMTP.
    In Primary Server, click


    The Outgoing Settings –
    Hostname –
    Username – First name of email id.
    Password – Correct.
    Use SSL – On.
    Authentication – Password.
    Server Port – 587.

    Hit the Done tab and the SMTP screen will pop up.
    Click on the Account button.
    Next hit the Done tab.

At last, check whether you can receive or send emails.

Why is Sasktel Email not working on my iPhone?

This question is usual for iPhone users when they try to add Sasktel email or already set up. When you update your device and after that type the wrong password this might be the case that stops the service.

Here are the few fixes to resolve this type of issue:-

a) Disable SSL

  • If you switch off the SSL, your email may just work until the following iOS update, and afterward, you would need to do this once more. 
  • Go to Settings > Passwords and Accounts or Settings > Mail > Accounts. 
  • This isn’t in the Mail application; it’s in your gadget settings.
  • Click on your account. 
  • You may have to click on the Account once more. 
  • In Outgoing Mail Server, click
  • In Primary Server (, click the On tab.
  • On the page in Outgoing Mail Server, disable SSL.
  • Use SSL: Off (flip switch is white)

b) Enable SSL on and alter other settings

This option is suitable and keeps operating till future updates.  

  1. Tap Settings > Passwords & Accounts or Settings > Mail > Accounts.
  2. Next, click on ” your account”.
  3. In Incoming Mail Server, replace new settings:
    • Host Name – or
    • Username- The email address.
    • Password – Your password.
  4. In Outgoing Mail Server, click
  5. In Primary Server (, Click the On tab and proceed.
  6. On the page in Outgoing Mail Server, replace new settings:
    • Host Name – or
    • UserName – The email address.
    • Password – Your password.
    • Use SSL – Switch On.
    • Authentication – Password.
    • Server Port – 465.
  7. Click on the Done tab.
  8. Then click the Account option.
  9. Hit the Advanced tab.
  10. Next, in the Incoming Settings of Advanced page option apply the settings below:
    • Use SSL – On.
    • Authentication – Password.
    • Server Port – 993 for IMAP,
      995 for POP3 or POP

Hence, this article will help you in setting the Sesktel Email Account on your iPhone.

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