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In this blog, we will discuss what is the method of Email Settings on Android and how you can set up the settings.

Here are the steps to be followed:-

  1. If you are a new user and setting the email then tap the Mail app to open and after that click the option Other.

    A) You need to keep in mind that on few mobile devices, Move to the Apps tab and then select Settings and after that choose Accounts.

    B) If you wish to add a different email on the gadget then move the pointer to the Mail App and click the Menu button and then select Settings. In the Settings tab, select Add account and then proceed to click on the option “Other”.

  2. Now, type the email address and the password of the account.

    Now, for IMAP you need to click on the Sign-in tab.
    Next tap the Manual setup for the POP Settings.

    If you regularly use email on different devices then according to us you should use IMAP. With this, you can be eligible to observe and utilize the private folders built-in Webmail.

  3. While entering the incoming and outgoing settings you must be careful.

    A. Here, first, go to the Menu button and tap on it and then click the Settings tab.
    B. Now, move the pointer to select Advanced settings and then click the Server settings.
    C. In the Incoming Server set the Security type as SSL.
    The port will automatically change.
    D. In the Outgoing Server, enable the option  “Require authentication to send emails”.

    For Incoming server settings:-

    Server –
    Security type – SSL.
    Port – 993 for IMAP, 995 for POP3
    For Outgoing server settings:-

    SMTP server –
    Security type – TLS.
    Port – 587.
    Require authentication to send emails – On.
    Username – email address.
    Password – password.

  4. successfully set up the settings

    Once you successfully set up the settings as per the requirements now proceed to click the Done tab.

  5. send and receive

    At last, do not forget to check that you can now send and receive emails or not.

Hence, this article will guide you in setting the email account on your Android gadget.

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