Roku Customer Service

Roku is a device that provides the user to stream their favourite shows on the desired devices.

There are various reasons when you feel the need to contact  the customer service of Roku:-

  • When you have a problem with your device settings.
  • Technical Assistance and procuring you with the troubleshooting.
  • As a paid subscriber facing trouble in billing.
  • Service Provider is not working properly.
  • If you have an issue with hoax and phishing.

Here is the list of points mentioned above when you can contact Roku support.

If you want your resolution to be resolved instantly then keep in mind a few things such as –

  • Keep the documents in hand like statements, invoices, recent chats or emails, etc.
  • Take paper and pen with you so that if the representative is providing steps to follow during the call you can take notes quickly.

How to contact Roku customer service?

We discussed the reasons why you would call the agent of Roku but you may not be aware of how to directly contact the service provider.

In recent years, there were no possible ways to contact representatives of Roku through chat or telephonic conversation.
But, we are here to help you and resolve your issue in this regard.

You can get your answers through email by proceeding to the support page of Roku. The page is also used for solving your issues as other users might face similar problems. You can help from the other Roku users.

How can I contact Roku TV Customer Service?

Methods for Contacting Customer Service of Roku:-

  • Contact Roku Support.
  • Contacting Roku customer service via Twitter.

contact Roku through the Support page

you can and to follow the procedure mentioned below:-

  1. Firstly, go to the official website at in the browser.
  2. During the pandemic of Covid-19, you might hear a message, asking you to use the support page if you have any issue regarding Roku tv. You cannot chat with any representative but email it by filling the form.
  3. Then, you need to choose the issue of contacting customer care. Questions will occur this way-
    • Account related – “Questions about billing, an order or my account”.
    • Technical error – “Questions about setup or using my Roku instead”.
    • “Questions before I buy”, in this query you can get options.
      Once you choose the selected option then tap the ” Continue” tab.
  4. After that, you need to choose the Roku model you are using currently. If you choose “Questions about setup or using my Roku” then only this step is applicable. Now select the device model and then a list will display on your screen.
  5. Now choose your problems from the list displayed.
    You need to follow the instructions as shown on the screen and then hit the Continue tab.
  6. You can examine the support page as the site has detailed solutions for your issues.
  7. If the problem remains then hit the button “Need more help”. You will find two options – chat and email.
  8. Choose the Email tab and write your query and then select the Continue option. You need to provide your personal information along with the issue you are facing. The customer team is available on weekdays from 9 am – 5 pm.

How to contact Customer Support of Roku with the help of Twitter?

Follow the points to get direct contact with the customer agent:-

  1. Firstly, you need to go to the website to get customer support. Visit at If your problem is not solved then you can take the help of Twitter.
  2. Go to your Twitter account and tap the Sign-in button with your id and password. To login to the account, you need to install the Twitter app on your mobile or use your pc at New users can create a new Twitter account as no fees charged for creating an account.
  3. Mobile users need to click on plus (+) tag and pc users should directly tap the Tweet button.
  4. Use the official site of Twitter for Roku’s customer support. You must write @RokuSupport before starting your tweet.
  5. Now explain in detail what issue you are facing so that an executive can figure your problem. But keep in mind to not furnish your info while describing the issue. If the agent wants your details then he will provide you with a link so that you contact confidentially.
  6. Hit the Tweet button once you fully elucidated your query.  The tweet will be delivered to Roku. It might take 24 hours for an agent to answer your query.
  7. Roku might need your personal information to solve your problems. A link will be provided and tap on the Send us a private message. The personal message site @RokuSupport will pop up.
  8. You can check the replies on the Notification button of your Twitter account.
    The personal message replies will be available on the site you send your details.

Roku Customer Service Number By Get Human

The executives cannot get your call connected as there is lack of representatives because of social distancing. Few support teams work at a time during this pandemic.

Though it is difficult to reach the customer service contact Roku by Phone, here is a Roku TV Contact Number where you can get service by the live person from the site gethuman. For USA and Canada users +1 (816) 272-8106

You can reach at the above mentioned Contact Service  Number and tell your queries so that it might be resolved in no time.

The customer service of Roku also has a Third Party so that you can reach 24/7 for help. When your problems are not resolved by any of the above-discussed methods then the Third Party Roku service is there to provide you with a helping hand. We provide you with the best solution for the queries through our experience.

Due to technical complications sometimes official sites do not resolve your problems. The user wants immediate help and so the third party is what you need.

Hence this article will lead the way if you are encountering any trouble regarding Roku.

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