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How to set up a Roku Streaming Stick

Many people wish to have a compact but powerful streaming device. So, to compensate them Roku launched a streaming device in the name of Roku streaming Stick. It is a compact, small yet powerful device that is capable of converting your standard experience to a new and innovative advanced system. In the year of launch, it is one of the best selling devices in the worldwide market and gains a huge amount of success. However, due to a lack of knowledge, many users get confused while performing the setup process. They asked and mailed us many times to convey a brief thought on how to set up a Roku streaming stick, so to help them and increase your knowledge we had prepared a brief setup process. The method and steps offered by us are simple to ascertain and you will never find anything conventional to grab. However, if you plug the Roku streaming stick in the hole of the HDMI port and still have concerns then reach the officials by calling on the customer service number or mailing them via the official email address.

When you succeed to complete the setup process, be sure you are gaining access to the world of incredibility.  As the Roku streaming device will offer you the key to mainstream channels e.g- Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and many others. When your mind has questions like- How to set up Roku streaming stick plus on my system and does I need to pay anything for activating it then be clear by going through this article. The setup process will be explained in detail with simple ascertaining words and for your question, the answer is NO. You do not need to pay any charges for activating Roku Streaming devices on your system.

What makes the Roku Streaming device more compile?

As we know many streaming devices are in the form of boxes which will consume spaces in the surrounding of your home theatre. Though the new Roku streaming device is slightly unique as it does not occupy space like other streaming devices. Simply you need to plug it into the HDMI port and you are ready to stream in 4K resolution. The advanced system helps you to offer incredible features of streaming without deleting the space of your home theater. Some users may think it is a stylish way to gain access to the world of entertainment. 

However, keep a note that the new and advanced ROKU streaming device has 4K support but lags the headphone jack port, so if your priority is to have a jack then you will not be happy with the Roku streaming stick. This optimized wireless reception is designed to avoid wireless interference easily and effectively. Cable and power adapters are necessary for a USB Power Expander for the USB port on a TV or wall port. 

Many users choose Roku streaming stick for its offerings like- Ultra HD or HDR professional contents are on TV standards. The configuration is approximately for a UHD Roku or HDR player. UHD resolution can’t be used without 4K TV or HDRs. If your Roku Streaming Sticks are not attached to your TV HDMI port, you may want an open HDMI extension cable for upgrading your TV experience. With the streaming stick, you do not need to depend on any other medium, simply plug it and enjoy the favorite shows with ease and comfort.

Is it better than others? This question may arise in your mind, so before we cover questions like Does the setting up Roku streaming stick plus is free and how do you set up a Roku streaming stick? We will make sure you do not have a query related to the productivity of the device. Yes, the new and updated version of the Roku streaming stick is better than others in many ways. In this streaming system, you do not need to think about the space, it is less costly than the box streaming device, no activation charges, no subscription fees, no maintenance cost, and offers 4K support without eating up your finance report.  

The integrated Wireless Receiver must be attached to the Roku Streaming Stick plus on the USB power supply side. To screen images, TV shows, and so on, you connect your wireless network to your Roku Streaming Stick Plus. The aim of this optimized wireless reception is to prevent wireless interference in order to make communication simpler and more reliable. The power of the USB connector on the TV or, preferably, the wall socket, is provided by the cord and the power adapter with the optional USB power extender. The gas is to be delivered to your streaming stick and it will let you enjoy the world of entertainment with ease.

Go through the guide to link to the Roku Streaming Stick Plus and verify that all interactions are well organized and stable. The link the Roku Streaming Stick to an existing HDMI port on your TV to get started. Due to space constraints, you would like a free HDMI extension to connect your Roku Streaming Stick plus to HDMI on your TV. If you’re interested in streaming UHD or HDR 4K movies and TV shows, you’ll want to use the free HDMI extender cable. Use an external wireless receiver or wall socket to connect a compatible power supply to your USB TV port. The USB port can not operate a streaming stick on some televisions. When a wall alarm is visible, safely attach the state-of-the-art wireless consumer to the wall socket.

How do you set up a Roku streaming stick?

To set up a Roku streaming stick, you need to follow the on-screen instructions, do not need to take stress all the mentioned steps are easy to execute:-

  1. First, you need to select your preferred language. For that, you simply need to visit the home screen, where you will get a notification to choose a preferred language. Select your preferred one from the available options, after selecting the language tap on the confirm tab.
  2. The selected language displays both text and dialogue for the Roku interface. After that, the automated system will traverse the channel in your preferred language and you can perform the next step in your selected language.
  3. Link your Roku Streaming Stick to a stable home network. To select the wireless network, you need to tap on the name of the Wifi and enter the network password carefully. Your device would most likely be connected with the same network to the internet. Select the reconnect option if your internet network is not stable.
  4. Type in the network and enter the password. Your Roku Stick will connect to the Internet automatically when your password is entered and the link is created. 
  5. You will be required to use the internet for downloading the latest version of Roku OS Update and install it on your Roku Streaming Stick Plus. To allow the support for video resolutions, tap on the Auto-Detect tab and search for the HDMI link. 
  6. The latest OS version will detect the best resolution for your Streaming Stick plus. In case, you are not happy with the selected resolution then you may do it manually. For that, you need to visit the Settings section and tap on the Display type option.
  7. You need to look at your remote range settings after choosing a perfect resolution for your monitor or TV. You can set the remote from the menu in the following manner:- Tap on the Settings option then go to the  Remotes & devices section. Next, press the Remote and Set up the remote according to your preference.
  8. To make the Roku Streaming Stick functional, it must be connected to the verified Roku account. The Roku Channel Store should be registered, connected, and linked from the free channels. Go to the official website and see your favorite series from the streaming stick.
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