How to get free stock on Robinhood

Want to claim free stock on Robinhood. Who is not willing to grab the stocks that Robinhood giveaways for free.

In this article you will learn how free stocks on Robinhood are claimed, where is my free stock Robinhood, what free stocks Robinhood gives, Robinhood free stock referral, and so on.

Robinhood does not invest its advertising budget in print, television, or even web adverts. Instead, they utilize their funds to offer free stocks to customers who sign up and then spread the message to their loved ones.

Each person wants to utilize it when they get it for free. But the question is does Robinhood give free stocks.

The only term with Robinhood is that in order to receive the 1st free Robinhood stock, you need to tap on one of the promotional links. After that, you must add a $10 minimum to the account. Otherwise, no stock will be given that costs $200. If you share the link with friends they also need to add $10 to their respective accounts, and you will get another stock for free. If your friends add $10 to their account, they are also able to receive stocks for free.

According to Robinhood’s current offer, you have a 98 percent chance of receiving a stock priced between $5 and $10 as of July 2022. 

The best part is that no commission is charged and you can easily sell the free stocks you have received and replace them with anything else. 

By providing these things without charge, the relatively new brokerage software Robinhood has grown to 18,000,000 customers in a short period of time:

  1. Citizens of the US can trade US equities, cryptos, and ETFs.
  2. While opening an account you can receive unrestricted stock of $200 for free.
  3. If your friend opens the account using the promotional link. You can add $1500 for a year.
  4. You might receive up to $1,700 in free shares in the first year and an additional $1,500 each year after that. So you can recommend more friends and receive more free stuff next year.

What free stocks does Robinhood give

  • Southwest
  • Sprint
  • Sirius
  • Rite Aid
  • Home Depot
  • Office Depot
  • Staples
  • Microsoft
  • Zoom Video
  • Saa

Where is my free stock Robinhood

  • Visit the Robinhood homepage and tap on the Rewards tab.
  • Hit on the “Past” and check for the reward. 

Claiming free stocks if not done within 60 days of the given period the free stock’s reward will expire.

How do I get my free stock on Robinhood?

If you are a US citizen you can easily get Robinhood stocks for free. But you need to have an account on Robinhood.

The following steps will help you to get the stocks for free:-

  1. Important point: only new users can get this offer.
  2. First, you need to click a referral link that will lead you to the Robinhood page. Click on the Signup tab.
  3. Now, enter your Name, Address, SSN, and Birth Date.
  4. Next, link the account with the bank account. Banking details are not mandatory.
  5. Install the app on your device.

As the application gets approved your account will receive free stock. In case you do not want to keep the stocks that you received you can opt to sell them.

Robinhood free stock hack

New users can only have the stocks for free. But in previous years the platform has been hacked and hit 7 million. Do not forget to Enable Google Authenticator.

Robinhood free stock not showing up

There can be different reasons that show pending on the app. If you are a new user and facing such an issue. Call customer service directly instead of listening. Try updating the app. If you did not claim the reward within 2 months the reward will come to an end. If the system shows pending then the issue is with the app system. During Mother’s day, Robinhood offered free stocks for new users. Such kinds of offers are available occasionally.

If you have any confusion do not wait for customer service to contact you. Reach them and request Robinhood-free stocks. Also, check Reddit for any answers regarding free stocks.

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