How to buy Ripple on Robinhood

This article will discuss the topics:-

  • Can you buy Ripple with Robinhood
  • How to invest in Ripple on Robinhood
  • When can I buy Ripple on Robinhood

If you decide to invest in Robinhood and want to start with Ripple you need to be precise with XRP Ripple because you will be investing to get good returns from the stock. So knowing about Ripple will be your most important thing to do in the first instance.

Can I buy Ripple on Robinhood:

This indeed will be the first question that flickers in your mind. The answer is No, you cannot buy XRP Ripple in Robinhood. You can watch XRP cryptos on the Robinhood app. However, no purchase of coins using this platform.

In case you wish to invest in other cryptos you can do so by grabbing the cryptocurrency page on the app and placing a purchase order on the required currency.

Why can’t I buy Ripple on Robinhood:

In the wake of the SEC’s lawsuit many tradings like Bitstamp, Coinbase and Bittrex suspended the trading of XRP or excluded the assets. Under the lawsuit Ripple is only a currency, not a security. XRP is not available to many US-based exchanges and so you cannot purchase XRP on Robinhood.

There is also no confirmation about adding XRP to Robinhood.

After finding that you cannot buy Ripple Stocks on Robinhood and only have an option to watch Ripple on the platform, you can use other platforms like Coinbase to purchase Ripple.

If you wish to purchase Ripple most easily, use the Kraken platform as it is a secured and trusted crypto exchange.

As a matter of fact, unless the lawsuit between SEC and XRP is not finalized Robinhood is not taking up any risk. Robinhood has the option to buy and sell cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin are accessible on the app whereas XRP Ripple coins are only for watching and no news of when Ripple is available to Robinhood.

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