Can I buy Planet 13 stock on Robinhood?

Planet 13 holds cannabis in the U.S. As of Nov 1, 2018, a dispensary of cannabis was launched in Las Vegas. The retailing, cultivation, and manufacturing process the cannabis.

If you are a US investor, the purchase of shareholdings is carried out by international, traditional, and online brokers and they can purchase through it.

Planet 13 holdings stock symbol Robinhood

The symbol for Planet 13 is PLTH.

How can I purchase Planet 13 stock on Robinhood?

Planet 13 is not an option on Robinhood to purchase stocks. It trades only on the Canadian Stock Exchange and Over the Counter. Robinhood trades on penny Stocks i.e. less than $5.

The International stocks used for trading were from the exchange fund list and ADR.

Purchase Planet 13 holdings on OTC:

  • Go to the broker.
  • Examples of OTC trades – InteractiveBrokers and TradeStation. 
  • But you will find the physical location.
  • Vendors will proceed to the maker of the market in order to complete the transaction. Here the trades on OTC stock are regulated in privacy, as the prices are not shared while trading.

Is it possible to purchase Planet 13 using Robinhood:

As per the reports, Green Thumb Industries supervised acquiring the registration statement using SEC. It is mainly for the marijuana companies in the U.S which have been exchanged on the Canadian Exchange due to national legitimacy in the country. A game-changer for Planet 13 and till then, Planet 13 will continue to remain as an international option in the domestic association.

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