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Roadrunner Email Settings For Windows

Welcome, Roadrunner webmail user, you have arrived on the right website as we will explain to you everything about Roadrunner email settings Windows 10 and tell you how to set up Roadrunner email on Windows 8.1 as well. Follow our step by step guide, which is easy yet elaborate, to continue emailing with your Roadrunner email account that you might have forgotten you used earlier. With Google’s own email service Gmail and Microsoft Outlook conquering the world wide web like nobody’s business, email services like Roadrunner have been left in the lurch. However, we respect the fact that you once used this email-sharing platform, which worked fast in limited internet and boasted of unique interface design.

Roadrunner email settings Windows 10

Carefully follow the following steps to complete Roadrunner email settings Windows 10:

  1. Find out the email address of the server from the email server page
  2. Click on the server list
  3. Now, go to the incoming settings page and enter your details asked on the webpage
  4. Just like incoming settings, tweak the outgoing mail settings
  5. Now, click on the server address
  6. To set up Roadrunner email on Windows 10, open the mail app on your computer
  7. If you can not see the email app on the desktop, go to Start button and launch the email app from the Program menu
  8. Enter the email address within the box asking for it inside the app interface
  9. Click on the Settings option and a pop-up menu will appear
  10. From a long list of programs displayed on the screen, click on the plus (+) sign in front of the email account name
  11. With this, you will be asked to add a new email account, a Roadrunner one in your case
  12. After you enter all the details correctly and a welcome message will appear on the screen. Sometimes it may longer than usual to load the page
  13. To add a POP3 account, click to select the Account Type option
  14. Fill in all the details asked in the Advanced Menu
  15. In the new window, click on the Preferences tab and select the settings of your choice
  16. Now, you will be asked about the personal information registered with your Roadrunner account
  17. Type a username that you want to be displayed on the screen. Advisable is to keep it a little formal as this username will also be sent to the recipient’s address
  18. Set the service provider name, different from others to avoid any confusion
  19. Now, enter your username and password to sign in
  20. You will be directed to the Roadrunner email service provider page
  21. Roadrunner email settings Windows 10 enables a user to retrieve the email that he or she had saved earlier in inbox
  22. After retrieving important mails, enter the incoming server address and make changes to the outgoing settings
  23. Configuration on your POP3 account is complete
  24. You can change the settings later on according to your preference easily by clicking on the Settings page
  25. To disable the SSL feature of your Roadrunner email account, click on the Authentication type
  26.  However, you need to log in to your Roadrunner account again every time after changing the settings

While setting up Roadrunner for Outlook is the most common way to access your account, these above-mentioned steps will tell you how to set up a Roadrunner email on Windows 10 and how to set up Roadrunner email on Windows 8.

Do not confuse yourself with the brand and type of computer you are using, installation for Roadrunner email settings Windows 10 will be similar in all of the machines. However, you will need to read each step carefully and avoid any mistake to complete Roadrunner email settings for Windows live mail.

After completing all the steps, life will be much easier for all Roadrunner mail users as they will be able to access their email accounts with much ease. So, set up Roadrunner email on Windows 10 and set up Roadrunner email on Windows 8 to enjoy uninterrupted emailing.

In case you are unable to complete Roadrunner email settings Windows 10 through our self-help guide, you can contact Roadrunner email support. And if it is working well for you then enjoy emailing with quick access to your Roadrunner account.

Next time when you launch the email app on your system, you will see your Roadrunner email account on the top of the screen. The user can directly login and start emailing.

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