Roadrunner Email Settings For Outlook

Despite the emergence of various social media platforms and messaging apps, email communication is still the most common and preferred way of interaction. While Google’s own Gmail and the Microsoft-administered MS Outlook enjoy the lion’s share of email user-base across the globe, there are many other email services that provide a platform for exchanging email messages. One such email service is Roadrunner, which is also known as Roadrunner Webmail. So, if you have been a Roadrunner email user and searching for Roadrunner email settings for Outlook, we have prepared this document for your reference. Our simple 10-step guide will help you set up Roadrunner email on Outlook 2013 and give you a better understanding of Outlook Roadrunner email settings.

How to Set Up Roadrunner Email in Outlook

If you are an old user of Roadrunner Webmail and struggling to find a server to login to your email account, here is an effective way to read, write, send, receive and react to any of your emails. Instead of looking for email settings for Outlook, follow the given steps to complete Roadrunner email settings for Outlook.

  1. Type the URL and open MS Outlook online
  2. Click on the File button and open the category information account settings
  3. In the email tab, click on the New button
  4. Now, you will need to switch on Server Settings
  5. Click on the Next tab and select Internet email addresses
  6. When you proceed further, the MS Outlook will ask you to fill in the following details:
    • Your name (Enter your full name registered with the email)
    • Email address (Fill in your complete Roadrunner email address)
  7. Now, please select pop3 in the Type Account section placed just below Server Information fill out the following information:
    • Incoming e-mail: (Type ‘’ in the vacant box)
    • Incoming port: (Write 110 as your Incoming post for Roadrunner webmail)
    • Outgoing e-mail: (Type ‘’ to proceed further
    • Outgoing port: (Outgoing port for Roadrunner will be 25)
  8. The email service will ask you to fill in the following login information to complete Roadrunner email settings for Outlook
    • E-mail: (Now is the time when you will put your Roadrunner email-address for the final time for setting up your Outlook account)
    • Password: (Enter the password that you used to access your Roadrunner email account
    • In the ‘Login with security’ option, select none
  9. Click on Test account settings and you will be required to test your email in and out
  10. If everything goes well, log out and log in again to make sure your username and password are working

Why Should You Get Roadrunner Email Server Settings For Outlook?

Let us tell you a little about Roadrunner email, which will help you realize the benefits of endorsing this email service provider. Follow the pointers below:-

  1. RoadRunner email service is provided by Internet service provider company Time Warner Cable Services. 
  2. The company made its market with high-speed Internet services at an economical price and launched an email service that has its unique design and user-friendly appearance.
  3. A Roadrunner email user can also use the settings overview with the IMAP and pop3 server email settings for setting up Roadrunner email on Outlook.
  4. To satisfy its customers and convince them not to go for any other substitute in the digital space, Time Warner Cable Services has promised many benefits for its users. Along with email service, which is fast and easy to access emails with heavy attachments, Roadrunner email users get free access to all the TV channel apps.

No matter which version of MS Outlook you are using on your personal computer, our above-mentioned, elaborate step by step guide will help you in setting up Outlook with Roadrunner email without any hustle. If you have been looking for Roadrunner email settings Outlook 2007 or wondering how to set up Roadrunner email on Outlook 2010 or Roadrunner email settings for Outlook 365 for that matter, follow our easy guide to complete the Roadrunner email settings for Outlook.

If the above-mentioned steps for Roadrunner email settings for Outlook don’t suffice for some reason or another, you can always call up the toll-free number to speak with the customer care executives, who will make things less complicated for you.

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