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What does QuickBooks not specified online mean? Here in this article, we will pinpoint QuickBooks online name, not specified transaction deposit, discount showing up as not specified QuickBooks online, journal entry QuickBooks online balance sheet by class not specified, etc.

This is a handy guide for QuickBook users when they are in the middle of something and cannot proceed further.

QuickBooks users are allocated to two Categories:-

  • Location Category
  • Class Category

The categories play an important role in following income and expenses. When you check for the Balance Sheet you will see “QuickBooks online name, not specified transaction deposit not specified”. This implies the transaction which you are looking for is not allocated to any users. You need to modify the status by opening the transaction on the Amount Column and then allocate the customer to the transaction or the bank account.

A category that is not usually like the other categories and does not appear all the time. You need to select the Class Factory in such transactions so that it occurs in the category. It so happens because it has already been assigned to Invoice.

However, the portion of the amount you noticed in the not specified area was the one not allocated to the Filter section chosen from Display Columns. In case you choose the Location section, the proportion in the Not Specified sector appears from transactions not allowed to any location.

By running a report you can easily assign the Category. 

How to map not specified class QuickBooks online

You can utilize the Not Specified category when you understand that parts are jeopardizing it.

These can be thorough transactions, header, and Detail columns. 

Header and Detail Columns Roll:

There are two sections of transactions: Header and Detail. If you select Check as the type of transaction then you will see a Bank account as a Header. The expenses are in the Detail Sector. In case you selected the transaction type as Invoice. The header will pop up as Accounts Receivable. The column Detail expresses the Incomes related to products and services.

The information from the sector Details and Header is utilized by QB online depending on the report that you are operating.

  • Profit and Loss acquire Detail column data.
  • Journal Entries online QB Balance Sheet from Headers.


If you check QuickBooks online you can come across Payroll is visible under Accounts Payable, Payroll, and Accounts Receivable transactions can be seen under QuickBooks. This so happens because the transaction Receive Payment and Pay Bills cannot be distributed to another different location.

How to eliminate online QuickBooks Not Specified Status?

If you want to eliminate the status of the category in QuickBooks. Still, a category might be allowed to be Not be Specified. Just tap the filter to assign the category report initially. In case the classes and locations are assigned to the transactions, then others like Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet will be fully customized.

i) Class Category:

You cannot filter the headers i.e Balance Sheet as they are not related to Classes. If you see during the filter report a column for Balance Sheet it won’t be valid. Account Receivable and Account Payable are a set of Headers that are not a portion of the Class that you allotted to them. It appears the status as QuickBooks Online Not Specified. But, Profit and Loss are filtered using Class Category because they are related to Class.

ii) Location Category:

If the location is saved on the transaction then reports of Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet are probed by Class. Gets attached with Header and Detail Columns. You can easily remove the status from the report.

  • Click on the Reports option in order to filter the report using location.
  • Tap on Balance Sheet.
  • Next, click on the Locations tab utilizing the Display tab.
  • Select the “Run Report” option..

Discount showing up as not specified QuickBooks online

QB Online will assign the class “Not Specified” instantly for Discount showing if the tracking setting Class has selected One to each row in the transaction option. In order to authorize the Discount Given to the preferred class, the need to upgrade the settings to the One to entire transaction option.

 Follow the steps mentioned below:-

  • Click the Gear tab.
  • Now, click the company category and pick the Account and settings option.
  • Select the Advanced tab.
  • Next, tap on Categories and Enable Track Classes.
  • In the Assign class, get the two options. Tap the Arrow showing downward and choose option  One to entire transactoptionsSelect the option S “Save” and “Done”.

Wrapping up, we would like to say that the Not Specified category will pop up while running the reports. There are few journal entries that can be detected in this category. Make sure to link the report to Location or Class relying on the regulations. Also, gather information before assigning location and class categories.

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