Why does QuickBooks keep logging me out

QuickBooks online enterprise keeps on logging me out. If you are in such situations then this is the page for you.

Logging out of the account without any notification or showing time out when trying to log in, asking to enter the password to get to the account.

What is the reason behind such an error? You need to know first so that you can overcome the problem if confronted with this type of error.

In such situations you yourself do not log out from the system, the software acts automatically. For numerous reasons like the settings of the software are not accurate, while setting QB online some effects of the settings might create problems for others.

Read this blog to learn the answers to resolving the problem.

Why does QuickBooks desktop keep logging me out:

If the QB settings are at fault then this might be the reason for your software to automatically log out. The location entered in the system might not match according to your present area.

The reason for QuickBooks Enterprise keeps you logging out are as follows:-

  • The preferences of time out set in QuickBooks might be for a short period. So, the software gets logged out.
  • You might be using it to log in to different devices at a time.
  • QB is not yet updated to the latest version.
  • Sometimes, the system might ask you to change the password. This is so because you have piled up the software with the cache.

How can we stop QuickBooks from Logging out:

Such errors are quite common if you are a regular QB user. If you till now have not faced any issue on QuickBooks then you might be lucky. But for better learning, you need to know the fixes of the error on QuickBooks.

Usually, users extend the period of their time which was set for a short period. This really worked for some users. Not all users might have solved the issue with the technique. There are also other results like inputting correct area info and signing in to a single browser at one time. You can get free of the problem.

Let’s see the fixes in brief.

1. Change the time duration:

QuickBooks might appear with a restriction of setting the time for a limited period to remain signed in. If you are not active on the software this would get generated and so you automatically log out from it. 

The following steps you need to follow to avoid such error:-

  1. Click on the QuickBooks tab.
  2. Next, click the Account and Settings tab.
  3. Proceed to select the Advanced option and click on it.
  4. Now, select the Other Preferences option.
  5. Scroll to look for the icon that looks like a Pencil.
  6. Tap on it and the menu will pop up, select Sign Me out if I am Inactive for the option.
  7. Select the option 3 hours.
  8. Click the Save button so that it approves the changes made.
  9. Lastly, tap the Done button.

2. Use to log in only with a single browser:

When you login in using your same credentials with different browsers at a time, the software might direct log out from the desktop browser. This error occurs usually to keep your data safe because the software does not know that you logged in in multiple browsers.

You need to use a single account in a single browser at one time if you want to get rid of this error. If there is some emergency to login into another browser make sure you log out from the first one and after that continue with your login.

3. Fix your Location Settings:

If the location setting does not conform to the present one your software might show an error and keeps on logging out from the Account. Check for the location in your Settings tab to see whether any incorrect information is set to the location of your settings or not. Doing so might solve the issue.

  1. Click the Settings tab on the software.
  2. Next, tap on the Location tab.
  3. Verify the entered location is correct. If not then do the changes.

4. Update QuickBooks to the latest version:

QuickBooks is accessed for the desktop version as well as the Android version. Many users use the app for accounting purposes making it easier to sign in. But there are issues that keep you from logging out from QuickBook. Especially, when you are still using the outdated app version and unless you update it the error will continuously occur in the software.

In order to resolve the error, you need to check for updates. Go to the store application and click on Update. After that install them and next login using your login information. As you complete check whether the error persists.

Hope, users of QuickBooks might resolve their logging out issue from the above-discussed resolutions.

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