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QuickBooks has a list of different features and “Ask My Accountant.” is one such accounting software. It might be used as an account type or a feature. AMA or Ask My Accountant is utilized primarily when there is a large number of transactions and helps in simplifying the data. It performs numerous actions and is important to learn what the feature is about and how to utilize it.

After deciding to utilize the software you can create the account ”Ask My Accountant “. Here you can simply add up the accurate values for transactions and expenses. The financial report, as well as the Memos, form the AMA. Going through the report, you will acquire detailed information in one place.

What is the Ask My Accountant feature in QuickBooks:

Feature or account type relies on the way you use the feature. If required you can keep notes of important tracks on the software serving as a backup when you cannot load many files in one account. In QuickBooks, use the software as the feature due to its ability to transfer into the sub-account.

Where in QuickBooks can I find Ask My Accountant:

You can get the featured Chart of Accounts in Inuit Software. It contains the user’s default accounts. You will see the option in COA because it acts as a default account. Get access by visiting the Company menu. Look for the chart’s tab. Then go through it and seek the default account. You can start using it once you find it.

What is the reason to use the Ask My Accountant Feature in QuickBooks:

In some cases, you might not be able to decode them or not be able to understand them. You can transfer the transactions into AMA. Having more than transactions then this feature is the best option and also includes the price of the asset.

Accountant tool for the following reasons:-

  • Determining more than 1 transaction and wanting to review them, AMA comes in helpful. 
  • Some assets can be depreciated in the near future. As a result, their nature may be questioned. You can maintain them as features or account types.. Additionally, while analyzing the assets, a user can assign a memo.
  • It’s crucial to keep in mind that you might need a sub-account in certain situations. For this purpose, Ask My Accountant should be preferred.
  • When reconciling in QuickBooks, QB desktop, or QB Desktop, the AMA tool can help. Essentially, it can help you categorize your transactions and so make reconciliation easier.
  • It prevents a problematic transaction (or transactions) from damaging the accounts. As a result, the reconciliation method becomes more precise.
  • You can use Ask My Accountant for any coding-related activities.

How to create online QuickBooks Ask My Accountant:

From the Accounting option, you can establish an account to Ask My Accountant, enabling the feature of AMA. Pick and enter the details of the company. Once you complete the setting, a report with the specifics of every item you’ve added will be generated.

  • Click the “Accounting” tab when QB is running
  • Pick the option “Ask My Accountant” from the available list.

Do the following instructions in such accounts.

  • Categorize the expenses of the business. transactions.
  • Add an illustration for financial entries.
  • You need to enter the price of the QuickBooks of the expenses.

Patiently wait for the report to be generated by the feature or account. Various stuff can be seen via it. In QuickBooks, this report is known as an Ask My Accountant report. You have completed the account creation as soon as it begins to run.

How can I delete AMA or QuickBooks’s Ask My Accountant?

AMA is suitable and valuable for a variety of software processes. You can remove it if they are off now,  delete it if you don’t need it. Click on the Gear-like tab, then open settings. Go to the Accounts section and uninstall Ask My Accountant QuickBooks. Click the Delete tab to disable or remove the functionality.

  • Select the “Gear” tab.
  • Then choose “Manage Users” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the “Accountants” tab.
  • Locate the name that you’ve given to AMA.
  • In this direction, select “Action” next to the name.
  • You must now select “Delete.”
  • Finally, kindly click “Confirm” to complete this process.


Ask My Accountant feature used in QuickBooks available online can be used to simplify the data. You can easily create an account and similarly delete them when you do not feel the need.

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