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When did the PS4 come out

PS4 or PlayStation4 is the ultimate entertainment of movies, games, music, television, and many more. PS is the series of models and PS4 is one such.

When did the PS4 One come out

PS 1 was first launched in 2000. It was originally launched in 1994 in Japan. PS was available to the commoners in Australia, North America, and Europe in the year 1995.

It was sold with over 100,000 units when first released in North America.

Do you know when the original PS4 first came out in the US?

The original PS4 release was different in different regions.

  • North America and Canada: 15th November 2013
  • Europe, South Africa, UK countries: November 29, 2013
  • Australia and South America along with Japan: February 22, 2014 

It’s been 6 years since the PS4 was released.

When did the PS4 Pro come out in the US?

The PS4 Slim was newly released on 16th September 2016. The PS4 Slim came out for the users with a new updated model just after the new PS4 Slim on November 10, 2016, and also increased the storage up to 1TB.

When did the black ops 3 PS4 come out

The Shooting game, Black Ops III was launched in the year 2015, on November 6 on the PS4. It was also released on other platforms like Microsoft Windows and Xbox One.

When did the Destiny PS4 come out

Destiny was released on PS4 on 9th September 2014. The Destiny limited edition Bundle was launched on the 15th of September with a package of 500GB.

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