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How to clean PS4

Cleaning here does not mean washing the device with soap and detergents. PS4 cleaning is clearing the cache because this might be the root cause of your device not operating appropriately.

This blog includes cleaning the dust or clearing cache from PS4 Pro, Slim, or PS4.

Let’s first understand when the need comes to clean the PS4.

The PS4 console is strongly built but still, dust can enter the console at any time. Cleaning the PS4 will help the hardware from overheating. You might hear the running sound of the fan which means that it’s time to clean the device fan. The controller won’t let you connect to a wireless connection then cleaning the fan is a must.

You can clean the fan without taking it apart. But if you find that the interior is not functioning well like the device keeps on shutting down or overheating the device then you need to clean the interior part also.

The continuous overheating may damage the system’s hardware so it’s important to open the PS4 and remove the dust from the fan.

What are the things required for cleaning PS4?

The things included for cleaning the inside and out of the PS4 are as follows:-

  • T8 or T9 Torx numbers screwdriver
  • Philips brand small screwdriver
  • Microfiber cloth for Drying
  • Cotton swabs
  • Toothbrush with a soft bristle
  • Can of compressed air

While you clean the outer part of the console make sure to wipe with a dry cloth in order to prevent hurting the console. Put a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water in a cloth to remove dirt or dust from PS4.

After cleaning the device, place it in a clean area so that your console does not compile dust.

This way you can clean the PS4 disc and also the fan.

How can I clean the PS4 Pro, Slim, and PS4?

If you want to sell your old PS4 then you can try cleaning as well as clearing your cache from the console. If you do not want to sell then also you can just clean it so that the device works better.

The following steps that you need to follow for cleaning the console:-

  1. Switch the PS4 to off mode and remove it from the plug.
  2. Clean the USB ports in front and back of your console by taking the compressed air, and also the vents on the side. Take the cotton swabs or toothbrushes and remove the debris. While cleaning you need to keep the console away from the compressed air from getting moisture into the internal parts.
  3. Next remove the outer part and from the front of the console lift under the cover of the console. Wipe any dust present on it with a microfiber cloth.
  4. Now place the finger on the fan and then apply the compressed air in quick outbreaks to hit dust out.

    Careful during this task because you might face an electric short.
  5. Next, utilize the screwdriver in order to remove the plastic which is black in colour that is wrapping near the back edge of your console.
  6. Take a T8 or T9 Torx numbers screwdriver to discard the screws which are holding the metal sheet below the plastic coating in place.
  7. Remove the other screws and lift the sheet in which the fan is covered so that cleaning can be done using toothbrush and compressed air. Use the cotton swab to clean between the blades of the fan so that it does not spin from the place while cleaning.
  8. Keep the console up to half an hour for drying and after that, you can reassemble the PS4.

How do I clean the PS4 Controller

Suppose the controller is not functioning as it used to be then check whether PS4 and the controller are suitably synced.

You can clean it if the issue still exists.

  • Try removing the cables attached and hit compressed air.
  • Wipe the crevices around the switches, ports, and analogue sticks, and the face of the controller with a dry cloth.
  • You can also use the damp cloth to clean but do not wipe at the places like ports of the charger or headphone jacks. 
  • Wait till the controller air dries and after that, you can plug it again.

How do I clear the cache on PS4?

When you are running out of space on the PS4 you can clear the cache by following the instructions mentioned below:

  • First turn the console to off mode.
  • Next unplug the cords from the end of the PS4 console.
  • Now, wait for 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Next plug the cord back to console.
    • Hence, you can easily remove dirt, dust and clean the console.
  • The PS4 has been power cycled and the cache is cleared.
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