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Netscape Mail Login supports IMAP and SMTP settings, which simply means that you do not need to use its webmail interface to Netscape mail login. You can easily configure Netscape net mail login with the help of other email programs such as Mailspring, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird. An important point to note here is that using desktop email applications can enhance your workflow with a better Netscape mail login screen. This is because email clients have more options. Also, your email available on your device even if you are disconnected from the internet. To help those of you who are struggling with the Yahoo Mail and mail login, our guide will be of great help. After following each of the given steps carefully one by one, you will be able to access mail login and AOL Netscape mail login.

Here’s how to set up Netscape mail login using IMAP

In order to access Netscape mail login from a desktop email program, you should have IMAP and SMTP settings mentioned below: (AOL Mail) IMAP Server

IMAP port                                         993

IMAP security SSL / TLS

IMAP username Full email address

IMAP password password (AOL Mail) SMTP Server

SMTP port 587


SMTP username Full email addressSMTP password password

What are the benefits of upgrading the Netscape mail login to AIM Mail?

Upgrading Netscape mail login to AIM Mail comes with several benefits. Some of them are:

  1. You have increased online storage, from 250 MB to 2 GB.
  2. Enhanced speed and reliability.
  3. There is an integrated web calendar with access to shared calendars.
  4. There is IMAP compliance, which enables you to use Microsoft Outlook, or another 3rd party mail client of your choice without any problem. For this, you need to check the IMAP Setup page at This will give you details on how you can access your mail through IMAP.
  5. Upgrading also gives you integrated photo-sharing through AOL®️ Pictures and instant messaging.
  6. You get the benefit of screen name linking. This helps you to check all your e-mail accounts with one sign-on.
  7. You have the advantage of having unlimited time to keep all your e-mails.
  8. You have access to multiple sites at which you can manage your mails including mail login, and

FAQ – Netscape mail login

Do I keep my same mail login address?

Yes. In case you do not use it for a while, the email address will be reserved for you and it can be reactivated at any time. So, you will be able to send and receive e-mail at your current mail login.

What are the differences between the mail login and AIM Mail service?

The differences and advantages are the same and they have been outlined above. Your e-mail account welcome screen will consist of capsules of the top news stories.

Note: However, one point to keep in mind is that if you are using Netscape mail login screen and Newsgroups client, please check the IMAP Setup page for new server information by visiting the link-

Does my old address book still work?

Yes, your old address book still works. Your address book will be completely intact. In addition to it, with the AIM Mail service, the address book can be set up in such a way that it automatically adds all your new friends.

Can I still sign up for a new Netscape mail login screen account?

No, you cannot. New Netscape mail login screen accounts are no longer valid and we are not accepting it. As the AIM Mail has a lot of advantages intact, we believe new users will be satisified and happy with the AIM Mail service.

Is Netscape mail login screen being phased out / going away?

No, this is not happening. has lately been relaunched as a social news portal. You can check it out here-

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