Netscape Mail Settings Android

In this guide, we will tell you how to set up a Netscape mail client for Android devices. The Netscape mail settings Android process is quite easy and you just have to follow the steps given below. For your convenience, we have listed a step-by-step Netscape mail Android guide. You can also use the settings overview with the IMAP and pop3 server email settings for Netscape. In case your Android tablet is not signing into Netscape mail, this elaborate guide will be of great help to you. To begin with the Netscape mail settings Android, you will have to enter pop3 in the Mail settings Netscape POP / IMAP and under the Incoming server, you have to type Now, in the Incoming port, enter 110 and enter none in the SSl (security) incoming option. In the outgoing server, you have to enter and set the outgoing port as 25.

Netscape Mail Settings For Android Tablet

Android tablet not signing into Netscape mail? Do not worry, here are the right mail settings

NetscapePOP / IMAPpop3
Incoming port110
SSl (security) incomingnone
Outgoing port25Requires

How To Setup Netscape Mail On Android

Below you can find the Android guide to setup Netscape mail Android. Follow the steps carefully for Netscape mail settings Android:-

  1. To start with the Netscape mail Android, you have to open your Email application from the menu option and then add a new account and choose ‘Other’.
    • In case you do not have an account yet, you can easily set up the account right away. Otherwise, you have the option to open the ‘Settings’ option in the email app and then choose ‘Add account’.
  2. In the next screen, you have to enter all your account details and then click on the ‘Login’ option. You have to enter your Netscape email address and password.
    • Email: Enter Netscape email address
    • Password: Type your Netscape email password
  3. Now, it is time to enter a few details under the ‘Server incoming mail’ option. Under the pop3 server, you have to type and set the port at 110. In case you are confused, go through the details below to have a clear idea.
    • pop3 server:
    • Security type: none
    • Port: 110
  4. Under the ‘Outgoing mail server’ option, one needs to enter a few important details and then choose the ‘Login‘ option to ensure uninterrupted sending of emails through Netscape mail Android. Under the SMTP server, enter and in the port, you have to enter 25. Go through the steps mentioned below to know in detail.
    • SMTP server:
    • Security type: none
    • Port: 25
  5. In the verification for sending an email, you have to enter yes. In the username, you have to enter your email address and in the password section, you have to enter your Netscape email password.

Congratulations! The Netscape mail Android has been configured. Your account is all set and ready to use. You can easily open the email app on your smartphone to manage your inbox and sent messages.

As the problem of Android tablet not signing into Netscape mail has been resolved, you can easily access your emails through the tablet or any other mobile phone

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