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Netflix Error Code ui3012

Sometimes you might get an error code UI3012 on the Windows computer when you open the Netflix app. So in this blog, we will talk about Netflix error code ui3012 causes, how to fix it, and so on.

Netflix is an app where you can access shows, movies, and series of your choice. You can download the app onAndroid, iPhone, and Windows 10 which is similar to the web browser Netflix.

Many users found that their Windows device keeps on freezing when the Netflix app runs. The message that displays on the user screen:

  • Whoops, something went wrong… Unexpected Error.
  • There was an unexpected error. Try Reloading the page and try again.

This might be hectic for some users but some individuals reload the page and it worked well to fix the code.

You can also try to reload the page but if it doesn’t work for your device then we are here to hell you out. But before that let’s proceed to know the cause for occurring this type of error.

Why the unexpected error code ui3012 occur on Netflix?

  • If you have weak network or Wi-Fi signal strength.
  • If there is an extension of browsers that might interfere and crashes your video.
  • Make sure to check the restrictions of ISP.

The main cause for this type of error might be due to the poor signal and this prevents your computer to get the service of Netflix. Let’s proceed to fix the error code ui3012.

How to fix the error code ui3012 on Netflix?

1. Check the Connection of your Network

The error code will show on your device screen due to bad netwirk connectivity.

Here are the few points need to be verified:-

  • If you have public Wi-Fi connection used in work, school or hospital then make sure that the app Netflix is supported and not blocked. This is because public networks might have restricted bandwidth.
  • But this is not similar to the users using cellular data because it contains a slow network connection than cable internet or DSL.

If you have no issue with the network then proceed to the next technique.

2. Restart the Networking Equipment

Here are the steps to restart the networking equipment:-

  • Switch off the laptop or PC and modem or router.
  • Next, go to the power source and remove the plug of the router or modem and stay for 30 seconds.
  • Now, plug it again into the modem or router to the power source and tap the power on button.
  • Wait till the light become stable.
  • Lastly, turn on the power of the system and run Netflix.

Check if the issue UI3012 persist.

3. Connect the computer to the modem

If you connect to the modem but won’t link after restarting the network then try bypassing the router. You might find the cause of the issue.

The steps to be followed:-

  • Firstly, shut down the pc.
  • Then, plug the system into the modem just by utilizing an Ethernet cable.
  • After that remove the modem plug for 30 seconds and again plug it.
  • You need to stay still until no indicators switch on.
  • Lastly, switch on the computer and run the Netflix app.

4. Disable Browser Extensions of your System

Make sure to check whether Netflix is using extensions such as “Force Netflix 1080p”.

If you have such extensions then disable it. After that check whether the error code issue resolves or not.

5. Change the current Network

The ISPs utilize unique protocols and procedures for monitoring web traffic and protecting the users. But in this procedure, they prevent access to essential network resources that are required by legitimate applications.

In some cases, users are restricted to streams and so we advise you to change the network.

In case you do not have a different network then turn on the hotspot. Now you need to restart the Netflix app and check if the error still occurs.

6. Reset the Device Network

If you modify the connection settings to default state then this might be the case of connectivity issues.

Those users who use Proxy or VPN can face the error code ui3012 on their devices. This leads to an increase in the issue with connectivity.

So, you need to reset the network to default settings and remove the VPN or proxy.

The steps to be followed mentioned below:-

  • First and foremost, switch off the VPN or proxy client.
  • Next, press the Windows key and type Network Reset in the space provided.
  • Now tap on Network Reset by selecting from the list.
  • From the window of Network Reset, you need to tap on Network Reset.
  • Tap the option confirm to reset the network.
  • Restart the system.

Hence this article will help you to fix the error code ui3012 from your computer. Choose any one of the solutions which are suitable for you.

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