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Netflix Code NW 1-19

Code nw 1-19 occurs on your screen when there is an issue with the network connection between the Netflix app and the gadgets.

In this blog, we will discuss how to fix the Netflix error code 1-19 on Lg Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, and Xbox.

Here are the few fixes of Netflix error code nw 1-19

  • If you face this type of error then close the Netflix app and then restart it.
  • Install the application on the device and follow the steps.
  • Launch the app on your device and perform the following steps.
  • From the device remote click two times the Up button.
  • Now, tap the Down tab two times, and after that click the Right and Left tab twice alternatively.
  • Then, tap the Up tab 5 times so that the System Information screen is launched on the app.
  • Select the Deactivate tab to eliminate the device from the Netflix app and after that tap on it to restart.
  • Install the app and log in to check whether the issue resolve.
  • The issue can be resolved by modifying manually the DNS server settings.
  • Click the Power tab using the remote and then select the Setup tab.
  • Choose the Network Settings from the menu of the Player Settings.
  • Next, click the IP Address or DNS settings tab and then click on the Auto DNS Configuration tab.
  • You need to disable the settings and access the Primary DNS. Key in Determine as the Secondary DNS.
  • Now save the changes you made on the DNS settings.
  • Remove the device plug and wait for few minutes and connect it to check if the error code is resolved or not.

Let’s proceed to fix the Netflix error nw 1-19 on the different devices.

Netflix error nw 1-19,

How to fix the Netflix error code nw 1-19 on Xbox?

Here are the steps to be followed to resolve the issue on Xbox:-

  1. First and foremost, check the network of your device that supports the Netflix app or not.
  2. The connection of your network should be fast.
  3. Now check the Internet connection and the DNS settings of the Xbox.
  4. Unplug the cable from the modem and also the router. After that wait for few minutes and again put back the plug.
  5. If still, the error code occurs on your screen then it is better not to use a wireless router for the connection. Connect directly to the modem for a better connection.

How to fix the Netflix error code nw 1-19 on the Samsung Smart TV?

  1. Firstly, restart the Samsung TV to fix the issue of network connectivity.
  2. Check that the ethernet cable is connected properly if connected to the TV with the router.
  3. Connect the wireless connection carefully to the Samsung TV.
  4. While entering the wireless password cross-check if you entered the correct one.
  5. When you face the error code remove the Netflix app from the Samsung TV and then wait for a few minutes and install it to fix the error.
  6. Go to the TV’s menu section and choose the Support tab.
  7. You need to check that the software running on your device is updated.
  8. Now tap on the menu and select the SmartHub tab from the available list.
  9. Choose the SmartHub Reset tab. Type the valid  PIN so that the process starts.
  10. Analyze that the subscription you applied for is correct. You need to check the plan if there is a need to renew the streaming plan. 
  11. Always check if any update is available for the app. Download and install to fix the error.
  12. Lastly, in order to solve the issue, you need to log out of the app and wait for say 5 minutes, and sign in again.

How to fix and resolve the Netflix error code nw 1-19 on LG Smart TV?

  1. When the TV is linked to public Wi-Fi this means that the administrator has permitted the app to stream.
  2.  You cannot watch or stream on Netflix if the administrator doesn’t permit the app.
  3. The connection of your TV needs to be strong enough to stream the app. If you are not connected properly make sure to reconnect it.
  4. Unplug the TV and by pressing the TV’s power button you need to hold it for a few seconds.
  5. After that connect the cord with the TV and also the outlet of the electrical. Next, plug on the TV and check whether you can stream videos on Netflix.
  6. Use the Ethernet Cable to link the modem with the TV.
  7. While connecting the TV to the router you need to make sure that there are no obstacles present nearby.
  8. Always keep in mind to keep the router close to the Smart TV so that while watching videos the network doesn’t interfere in between.
  9. If you can resolve the issue with these techniques, proceed to get assistance from the support team to resolve the 1-19 error code on Netflix.
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