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Thunderbird Email Settings

You might be befuddled about Thunderbird email settings and so we will evaluate the settings, for example, Thunderbird Gmail Settings, thunderbird export account settings in detail to assist you with arranging your email account effectively.

As Thunderbird configures the email account you will not deal with any issue with the means and systems referenced here as they are truly easy to comprehend and follow. The Thunderbird email settings are characterized beneath in such a way that you will not need any specialized aptitude or assistance. Go on with the means and the necessary settings will be applied.

Prior to moving further with the email settings of Thunderbird, we should think about the Thunderbird programming, it is an open-source cross-stage email customer created by the Mozilla Foundation. It was at first dispatched in 2003. You can advantageously orchestrate all your email locations and messages on a solitary stage through this program. Thunderbird has added to its weapons store numerous new helpful devices including an address book, a movement administrator, and a searching message among others.

Mozilla Thunderbird Gmail Settings

SMTP Settings –

  • SMTP Host:
  • SMTP Port: 587.
  • SSL Protocol: OFF.
  • TLS Protocol: ON.
  • SMTP Username.
  • SMTP Password.

POP3 Settings –

  • POP3 Host:
  • POP3 Port: 995
  • TLS Protocol: ON
  • POP3 Username.
  • POP3 Password.

GMAIL IMAP Settings –

  • POP3 Host:
  • POP3 Port: 993
  • Encryption: SSL
  • POP3 Username: (your Gmail username)
  • POP3 Password: (your Gmail password)

How to Setup Gmail Settings for Thunderbird?

In this method, you will get to know that the email settings set up automatically.

While the system will be generally comparable for a wide range of email stages, you will need to make some first acclimations to permit Thunderbird admittance to the email account. Thunderbird Gmail settings on Windows 10 are more or like the same with the upgraded forms of Windows and subsequently, the rules underneath ought to be helpful for most Windows clients.

Gmail makes few changes to the default settings for the configuration of Gmail accounts with Mozilla Thunderbird. As well as setting up the Gmail account, you can likewise set up the Google applications account.

While setting the email account you can also add the HTML signature, change the profile and also state the reason out of office. As there are multiple accounts you can select any one of the accounts to proceed with the changes.

Let’s go through the steps to be followed:

  1. Tap the Sign-in option

    Firstly, go to the Gmail account or Google Apps and tap the Sign in the tab.

  2. Setup the Email Settings

    Now, to set up the Thunderbird account, tap on the Settings tab.

  3. POP or IMAP

    Tap on the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” option and open it and after that choose “Enable IMAP”. Save the changes you made.

  4. Launch the Thunderbird app

    On the PC, tap on Download and then install it.
    You can download and install it from the website of Mozilla.

  5. Choose from the list

    From the menu list, hit the “Tools” option.

  6. Choose the Account Settings

    Next, select “Account Settings”.

  7. Add Mail

    After selecting the“Account Actions” now click on “Add Mail Account”.

  8. Fill the boxes

    Few boxes will appear where you need to type the name, email address and password. Now hit the “Next” or “Continue” option.

  9. POP3 or IMAP

    Select from the storage POP3 and IMAP.

  10. Good Connection

    If you tap on IMAP the email will be delivered online. If in case no internet means no synchronization. Unless you don’t have a good connection you cannot link with your email account. If you select POP3 settings, then you need to store the emails on the PC.

The configuration of Thunderbird will automatically start. The mentioned steps will assist you with applying the Thunderbird Gmail settings naturally and your Gmail record will be designed with no issue.

Gmail Settings of Thunderbird Manually

Follow the steps mentioned below:-

  1. Here you need to tap on the “Manual Setup” option and open a sheet for the “server settings”. This sheet will help you set up the incoming mail server. In the “Server Name” field type in your email access area. Concerning the User Name, it would be your valid email address.
  2. Choose SSL or TLS for security from below the security settings. Next tap on the option “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” to open it and afterward choose the choice that says “Enable IMAP”.
  3. An option will be available at the left side of the screen and then choose “Outgoing Server (as SMTP)”.
    Here click on the settings that were created by Thunderbird. Now hit the Edit tab.
  4. Proceed to “Security and Authentication” choose “SSL/TLS” for “Connection security” and “Normal password” to complete the Authentication method”. The email id will be used as a username.
  5. Now in the Settings page, hit the OK button and again hit the OK tab once again
  6. At last, tap on “Get mail” or sometimes “Read messages” to have Thunderbird download the emails. 

These were the means that you require to follow for manually setting up the Gmail account on Thunderbird.

If the details about Thunderbird Gmail settings do not satisfy. Try not to stress, you can interface with our specialized group through the live chat uphold and get direction in regards to something very similar. Our specialized group is prepared to determine all your Thunderbird related questions and disarray 24*7.

I hope, this article is helpful to export or set up the settings for Mozilla Thunderbird.

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