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Mozilla Thunderbird Change Account Password

Numerous clients battle with the process of changing Thunderbird password and start looking for ways “what is the process for changing Thunderbird password” over the web. Indeed, considering this battle and the agony of numerous Thunderbird mail clients around the world, we have raised this manual to help clients know the right method to change the Thunderbird password. If the password is already created the option for editing is not available to its users. This is the reason why you need to change the email password that you have effectively put something aside for your Thunderbird record, and afterwards, you can put in the new password to utilize.

In this blog, we will encircle the procedure to change the Mozilla Thunderbird password. The questions like changing the password of thunderbird ubuntu, changing email client password, where to change the password and so on will be discussed here. With this, you can change it without any issue or problem.

Let’s proceed further with the procedure to change the password.

Can I change the Thunderbird mail password?

Yes, you can change the password of the Thunderbird account. If you are looking for how you would change the password of Thunderbird, at that point the process for changing the password will be truly useful for you in getting the password changed.

Simply follow the means or steps in succession as portrayed.

How to change Thunderbird Email Password?

Here are the following steps to be followed:-

  1. Allow us to begin with the procedure of changing the password of Thunderbird by visiting the page of the Saved Passwords. Tap on options under the Tools category and then go to the Saved passwords tab.
  2. Now, presently on the new page that heaps up, you need to tap on the Security tab, after that take the pointer to the password, and then hit on the saved passwords.
  3. A new window showing the Saved Passwords will load on the screen display and there you can find the email accounts passwords that are already saved. You need to tap on the option “Remove All” and eliminate them.
  4. Next, on your system or device, restart the Thunderbird application so that the password might be fully cleared along with the cache data from the system.
  5. After restarting the application, fill in the new password for the Thunderbird email account. Now the new mail password will be saved in your system. You can likewise tick the checkbox perusing “Use a password manager to remember this password ” so that you do not need to type the password each time you log in. If you tick on the checkbox then there is no possibility of entering the wrong password as the device already saved it.
  6. The password for the Thunderbird email server account has been effectively changed according to the right changing password procedure of Thunderbird.

How to change the mail server password of Thunderbird Ubuntu?

The steps of instructions are mentioned below:-

  1. First and foremost, you need to tap on the Thunderbird app to open.
  2. Then tap on the Menu button.
  3. Now, hit on the Select Preferences or Options – relying on your device edition.
  4. Again choose Preferences or Options.
  5. As soon as the page opens up choose Security and then choose Passwords, and after that hit the tab “Saved Passwords”.
  6. Tap Show Passwords and Confirm and confirm it. 
  7. Make sure to provide a valid email address for which you wish to change the password.
  8. By right-clicking on the option that you want the password to change. Choose “Edit Password”. Update the password for outgoing (SMTP) and incoming (IMAP or POP) connections.
  9. Your both passwords are changed now. Click on the close tab and then relaunch the application.

If in case, the above-characterized Thunderbird password change procedure didn’t turn out for you and you face some outstanding blunders or challenges, at that point simply report the issue to us with the assistance of live visit administration. Our group of specialists can resolve any email-related issue or issue without a sign of sweat. We are free 24*7 to give you the necessary help and direction.

Hence, this article will help you in changing the mail server account passwords.

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