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If you are a Hulu streaming service subscriber and facing Hulu error 94 frequently on your device then you have landed the right page. In our elaborate guide on error 94 Hulu, we will explain what does error 94 mean on Hulu and how you can fix it. For those who are confused about what is error 94 on Hulu, let us tell you that Error 94 Hulu shows up when you stream a video or start the Hulu app or website. The Hulu error code error 94 indicates an issue with the internet connection that you are using for the device to stream Hulu videos. The other reason behind this common error can be a possible incompatibility between the device and the Hulu application. Not just computer devices, we will tell you how you can remove Hulu error 94 firestick, Hulu error 94 Xbox, and Hulu error 94 Samsung smart tv with easy steps.

Before starting with the solution, let us get a better understanding of what is error 94 Hulu.

If you search what is Hulu error 94 on google, you will find numerous results about the causes that trigger Hulu error 94. Here below we have explained some of the reasons behind Hulu loading error 94.

Corrupt Cache

The error 94 on Hulu may appear in some cases because of a fault in the launch configurations that are cached by the streaming devices. The configurations might get corrupt as well for one or more devices and show Hulu loading error 94 on the screen. To get rid of Hulu error 94 in such a case, clear cache of these configurations to decrease the loading time that is the main reason behind error 94 Hulu. After clearing the cache, you will experience a smoother experience on Hulu. However, the configurations might get corrupted again and end up hijacking the app. In Xbox Hulu error 94, it is highly advised to clear cache at regular intervals.

Internet Connection

At times, the Hulu error code 94 appears on the screen because of a low speed internet. Therefore, It is important to have a high speed internet to stream videos on the internet comfortably. A proper upstream and downstream speed of the internet will help you get rid of the Hulu error 94. A high speed internet can also help you prevent the Hulu application from getting disconnected from the servers.

Outdated Application

If the version of your Hulu application is outdated then also you might see Hulu loading error 94 on the screen. The streaming process of the Hulu app might get affected by an outdated version of the app. The reason behind this is the fact that the servers are constantly updated to accommodate the latest enhancements. However, if the Hulu application gets outdated the streaming process gets disturbed and you see Hulu error 94 as a playback error.

Outdated Software

Sometimes, the problem can be related to the software of the device that you are using to stream the Hulu videos. When the video stream gets outdated, the app disrupts the streaming process and reflects the Hulu error 94. So, if your device is not being able to function correctly then this could be due to an incompatibility between the Hulu application and the software.


In case you are using a VPN to hide your IP location from the servers, it is highly recommended that you disable the VPN. If you keep the VPN enabled then it might cause incompatibility between the ISP and the servers. The error 94 Hulu occurs due to the VPN settings primarily because the server might flag your network connection as suspicious as you are already masking your location.

A Solution to fix Hulu error 94

Deactivating the device

To get rid of the error 94 Hulu, deactivate the device and then reactivate to jumpstart the stream. This way, you will not see the Hulu loading error 94 ever again on the screen and the app might start working properly. With this measure, you will be logged on to the account page again and you can enjoy streaming videos on the Hulu app.

  1. Go to the web browser and visit the official Hulu site.
  2. Now, click on the login option and enter your Hulu account details such as user name and password.
  3. Tab on the “Login” button to log in to the Hulu account to reactivate.
  4. Now, look for the block icon on the top right corner of the screen and select the “Account” option from the list.
  5. Go to the “Your Account” section and tap on the “Manage Devices” button next to the “Watch Hulu on Your Devices” text written on the screen.
  6. Now, select the Remove option to proceed with the deactivation process.
  7. Reactivate your Hulu account by adding the code that you received on your registered mobile number or email address during the login process.

Once done with all of the above mentioned steps, restart your device and check to see if the Hulu error 94 has been fixed or not.

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