Solution Of Missing or failed printhead HP 8610

The missing or failed printhead is a common problem occurring on printers like HP 8610, HP 8620, HP 6700, HP 7110, HP 6600, HP Photosmart Plus 7520, and 7525 when the printhead is not correctly placed.

What do you mean by Missing or Failed Printhead in HP Printers?

The error can arise on specific models of HP. When you see an error message on the Control Panel of the printer this is because the printhead is not installed properly or the file is missing or the system is not able to recognize it. The error will obstruct you from printing.

What are the Effects of HP Missing or Failed Printhead Error?

There are certain causes that lead to missing or failed printhead errors. These causes will guide you to fix future errors.

  • The main cause is Printer failure which generates this type of error.
  • You need to check if the cartridge has sufficient ink or not.
  • If the printer firmware is outdated then the error occurs.
  • If the printhead of the HP printer is missing from the cartridge or has any damages then the error will occur.

How can I fix the HP Missing or Failed Printhead of the printers?

When HP missing or failed printhead errors occur then the printing devices will stop operating. You will need to fix the error if you want your device to work properly again. Clean the cartridges, reset the devices, and replace the part with a new one. These are the few fixes to resolve the error.

Now let’s proceed to fix the error of Hp missing or failed printhead with a detailed solution:-

1. Reset your Printing device

If you replace the ink cartridges with a new one then the error will occur on your device.

Follow the instructions to reboot the HP printer:-

  • Plug the HP printer to on mode and wait for some time so the system keeps up idle and silent.
  • Next, you need to remove the cord from the printer and also the plug attached to the wall.
  • After that, wait for 1-2 minutes before you restart the system.
  • Now, connect the cables with the printer and also from the power source.
  • You need to check the control panel if the error message ‘HP printhead missing’ error is showing on your display or not.

2. Realign the Printhead

If the missing or failed printhead occurs on the HP Printer then realign the printhead and fix the issue.

Here are the detailed instructions to realign the printhead:-

  1. Firstly, switch on the printer and open the cartridge door. You will see that the printhead carriage moves forward and backwards in a flat position constantly.
  2. Remove the power plug of the printer. In this step, you will notice that the movement will stop and after that remove the plug attached to the wall.
  3. Next lift the handle of the cartridge and hold the side of the printhead. Now, grab the printhead without eliminating it from the carriage.
  4. After that, put back the printhead to its carriage. It will take its position, once you place the printhead properly.
  5. Check whether the printhead is positioned in the correct place.
  6. Now, push the printhead’s latch down to ensure that it is closed and locked properly. Shut down the exterior lid to start the printing job again
  7. Put the plug back to the power source and also the power cord.
  8. Next switch on the printer and wait for a few seconds.
  9. At last check if the issue persists.

3. Change the old Printhead

If you remove the old printhead with a new one then the error might not occur on your device and you can start the printing process.

Check if the warranty of the printhead is over and then remove it. Go to the user manual guide to check for the instructions about the warranty. You can also go to the website and on the Printer and Page Yield Overview section to assess the guarantees for all the units and components.

After properly evaluating, you can purchase a new printhead if needed. You need to get a new assembly kit if the printhead is under warranty. Hp has a wide variety of technical support for its users. You can contact them and get proper assistance.

4. Clean the HP Printer’s Ink Cartridge

Ever cleaned the Ink Cartridge of a printer if not then start doing it if you have a printer. Otherwise, you might face the error of missing or failed. You need to clean the cartridge or remove it. A lint-free cloth is best for cleaning printer ink cartridges. Also, damp with distilled water. Once you complete the cleaning process then dry it completely. After that, put them back to their respective places.

5. Update the HP Printer’s Firmware

The error “Missing or Failed”, printhead might occur and bars you from printing if you have not updated your printer’s firmware.

The software needs to be downloaded as per your device compatibility otherwise it won’t function.

Follow the steps of instructions to update the firmware:-

  1. the First step is to visit the “Software and Driver Downloads” of HP printers from a web browser.
  2. Then choose “Printers”.
  3. Furnish the “Model Number” of your device.
  4. After that tap the “Submit” button.
  5. On this page, select “Firmware” and expand the folder.
  6. In order to save the firmware, choose “Download”.
  7. Next, launch the folder where the downloaded firmware is saved.
  8. Lastly, run the downloaded file of the firmware so that the installation process commences.

6. Replace the Non-HP Cartridges

If the Cartridges are not of the same model then you might face an error in printing. In order to get rid of this issue replace the cartridges with the original HP cartridges.

7. Get the HP Printer Serviced

The error message “Missing or Failed Printhead” shows up on your display screen and causes are also cannot be identified. But do not worry we have a solution for this. You can take the support of an experienced technician to get rid of this error. You can take the Printer to the Service center to get serviced.

After completing the repairs you will be asked to check if the error occurs. If you do not find any error message this means your problem is being fixed.

Summing up

The problems of printhead error are quite common and can be solved by taking good care of the printer. If you do not want your printer to get in the way of your work then regularly check for updates, clean the cartridge, if required replace the old printhead, and so on. If you watch these small things then your printer won’t show any error and will function properly.

If the above-discussed fixes have not solved your problem then try contacting the Hp support system for assistance.

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