How to fix the out-of-paper error on the hp printer?

The error message ‘out of paper’ will show up on your hp printer when there is an issue with the sheets loaded. Sometimes you overload the paper tray with sheets leading to an error. Also, if the pick rollers are affected by moisture or dust particles.

You may face the problem that the paper inserted in the paper tray is not accepted or recognized by the printer.

Causes of the out of paper error on the Hp printer

There are numerous causes of the error Out of Paper. Here are a few of the causes listed to make people aware of the issue and resolve it.

  • The printer roller might be covered with dust and dirt.
  • You have not checked the notification that the printer’s driver needs an update.
  • The quality of the paper is low.
  • The papers in the paper tray have curled edges.
  • The compatibility issue with your Hp printer on Windows 10 is the reason for the error.
  • The paper tray needs not be overloaded.
  • If the printing task is stuck the error will pop up.
  • The print spooler service will result in the error.

How can I fix the Out Of Paper Error on the Hp printer?

If you want the Hp printer to remove the error make sure you know the causes beforehand so that you can easily fix the issue.

Let’s have a look at the solutions to fix the error.

1. Check the printing paper’s condition before loading

You need to check the paper condition before loading because your system might display an error message. 

The following steps you are required to follow:-

  1. Check the size and type of the paper. It should be the same.
  2. Now, make sure that the edges of the sheets loaded on the tray is not curled or damaged.
  3. The bundle need to be in uniform. If you find that the the sheets are not of same size that exclude the paper and align it.
  4. Insert 25 sheets or less in the tray.
  5. The paper inserted should be of good quality.
  6. Now try a printing test to check if the error still occurs.

2. Clean the Paper Print Roller

The message hp printer out of paper error occurs when it’s not. This message might occur because you have not to clean the print rollers.

The steps to clean the print roller are as follows:-

  1. Firstly, put the printer to off mode.
  2. Remove the plug from the power source.
  3. Remove the sheets if there is any on the tray.
  4. Open the printer lid.
  5. Locate the paper print rollers.
  6. Take a clean cloth for cleaning it.
  7. Now, fet the distilled water in a bowl.
  8. Next, using the cloth dab it in the solution.
  9. Now, start cleaning the rollers with it.
  10. Let the roller air dry.
  11. Check whether any moist left. If you feel then use a dry cloth and rub.
  12. Keep the paper inthe tray.
  13. But before that place the roller in the required position.
  14. Close the open lid.
  15. Wait till the printer get to an idle position.
  16. Lastly, print a page to check that the error is resolved.

3. Check the Print Spooler

The Print Spooler service is dependable for conserving print jobs. If the print spooler is not functioning well then it will prevent you from printing. The device will show out of paper when you insert sheets on the paper tray.

Follow the steps to check the print spooler:-

  1. Tap the Windows and Run keys together to open the Run dialog box. 
  2. Once the box pops up type “services.msc” in the blank space.
  3. Next, tap the “Enter” key.
  4. Now go to the “Services”. A list pops up choose “Print Spooler” service from it.
  5. Next, ensure that the “Status” is mentioned “Started”. But if the “Status” shows “Stopped”, then click the right button on the “Print Spooler”.
  6. After that tap on “Properties”.
  7. Now, tap the “Start” button to commence the “Print Spooler” service.
  8. Next choose the “Apply” button.
  9. After that hit on the “Ok” tab.
  10. As soon as you click the Ok button the changes made gets saved.
  11. Now go for a test print. Always remember to print a page after making changes in the printer.

4. Reset the HP Printer

When your printer does not work properly but shows an error message then reset the printer without thinking twice. This technique is workable for any errors occurring on hp printers. Hope so it works for the error ” out of paper”.

  1. Start with turning off the printer.
  2. Remove the plug and cables attached.
  3. Now, wait for few minutes.
  4. After that put back the cables to their respective places.
  5. Now switch on the device.
  6. Once the system starts print a document and check whether the issue resolved.

5. Adjust the Paper Settings in the Print Driver

You need to adjust the paper settings in the print driver if you want your device to not display paper errors.

Here are the steps you need to follow:-

  1. First go to the document which is not getting printed.
  2. Choose the File option.
  3. Next click on the “Print” tab.
  4. Now click on Properties in the Print section.
  5. Next, go to the “Features” then ”Paper” and after that ”Quality” for checking the size of the paper in the settings. Do not forget to check the type.
  6. Click the “Size” tab.
  7. Check the size is set correctly and also added the same size to the tray.
  8. Now, click on the “Type” option.
  9. If the type of the paper is different then select the same as the size.
  10. Now tap onthe “Ok” tab.
  11. Tap “Ok” again.

The changes made will remain till you are on the page for printing. Once you close the file and open it again the changes will set to default. Because changes are made for a single document.

6. Get the HP Printer Serviced

Hp printers are good for printing jobs. But as it is a machine so requires servicing from time to time to prove its efficiency.

You should always go to professionals to get your hp printer serviced. Once done the error won’t get back to your display screen.

7. Remove Cached Print Jobs for the HP

When the queue is not removed from the print jobs there’s no way to print any document. You need to remove the cache first if you want the printer to work smoothly.

The following steps are required to clear the cache on Windows:-

  1. Firstly, run the “Windows Explorer” on the PC.
  2. Next type “c:\windows\system32\spool\printers” in the “Address” bar.
  3. Now hit the “Enter” button.
  4. Click the “Printers” folder.
  5. Choose the files by selecting the Ctrl + A keys together.
  6. Now, view the  Explorer’s toolbar.
  7. Next go to the “Organize” tab.
  8. Now click the “Delete” option.

8. Update the HP Printer Driver on Windows 10

Always make a habit to check for updates if any. This will save you time when there’s an emergency. Outdated drivers can create a mess by preventing you from printing any document. The system will show out of paper but the reason is different. The error occurred because you did not update the driver.

Go through the instructions and update the driver:-

  1. Tap “Cortana”to open.
  2. Now type “Device Manager” in the Search bar.
  3. You will see a list of options tap “Device Manager” option.
  4. Next tap to “Printers” option.
  5. Now tap the right button on the HP printer.
  6. After that pick “Update Driver Software”.
  7. A link for auto-update will be visible. Click the option.
  8. The windows 10 will search for  updated HP driver. After finding it download and after that install it. If you do not find the driver then take the help of the manufacturer through the website.

The error ” out of paper” displays on the printer if you do not maintain the printer properly.

If you have to face the error message then select the mentioned fixes and resolve the error.

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