HP Printer Fuser Error

Do you know what is fuser errors 50.1, 50.2, 50.3, and 50.9 in the Hp printer?

This error occurs when the service takes time to respond then a time-out issue displays on your screen. Your device heats up gradually indicating the error. If your device heats up frequently you might face error codes. Change the setting to lower the temperature which will help the printer to function better. In some cases, resetting the device is the best alternative for fixing the error.

This error is likely to occur on models like Hp 3600 printer LaserJet and Hp printer Color Laserjet Printers.

Let’s understand a few more causes so that you do not face any trouble while resolving the errors.

  • The error is caused by the cartridge of the device.
  • The printer heats up frequently as the fuser tool might be damaged.
  • The registry system is corrupted which leads to stopping the printer from working.
  • The power circuit is not functioning well.

How to fix the Fuser Error 50.2 on the Hp printer?

In order to fix the error in the Hp printer, you need to go carefully through the solutions below.

1. Eliminate and Reset the Fuser of HP Printer

You can fix the error by eliminating and resetting the fuser.

Here are the points to be followed:-

  • First, switch off the printer and then remove the power cord.
  • Next, remove the fuser.
  • Now, install the fuser.
  • Proceed to the next step. Push the fuser till you hear the sound of clicking.
  • Now, push the fuser forward and backwards.
  • Then plug the device into the power source and after that switch it on.

The error that was displayed on the screen has now stopped appearing.

2. Restart the HP Printer

Most users fixed the 50.2 error just by restarting the device.

The following steps need to be followed:-

  1. Switch off the Hp printer in the first place.
  2. Next remove the plug attached to it so that you do not get an electric shock.
  3. Now, have patience and wait for say five minutes.
  4. After that, now connect all the cables to their respective points.
  5. Turn the device to on mode.
  6. Now, it’s time to restart the printer that will reboot the device. 

Once restart the printer will be back to normal temperature and the fuser will be reset. If the error is still hovering then try to clean the interiors. Check if any paper or dust particles were stuck inside the printer.

As you are done now you will be relieved that the error is not surfacing.

3. The Power Source and Cord need to be checked 

If the cord attached to the printer is damaged or loose then the fuser error will occur on the Printer display. This will cease the unstable power from transmitting. You can also face circuit failure of the power. This could further lead to power circuit failure. Also, check that the device is at normal temperature but if the device heats more than usual you will encounter the 50.2 error.

So, it’s important to fix the error by checking the power source and cords. If any issue with cords then with a new one and resolve the error.

4. The Environment where the HP Printer is kept needs to be checked

The error might arise on HP LaserJet when your device is not placed in a suitable environment. Change the location and see if this works. The device needs to be placed in a cool area so that it functions well otherwise it would heat up frequently causing errors to the device.

5. Replace the Fuser of HP Printer’s Fuser

You need to replace the Fuser to fix the error 50.2. The device will continue to show the error if you do not replace the fuser. Though you tried many solutions still have the error then you are required to make a choice by replacing the Fuser. The technician will help you in this regard.

How can I fix the Fuser Error 50.3 on the HP Printer?

Now, we will learn a few of the fixes to resolve the error from the Color LaserJet Printer.

1. Cancel the Printing job and Restart the HP Printer

The most important point to fix the error is to cancel the printing job as it takes away the burden from the Fuser and after that restart the device.

  1. Remove the extra load by stopping the printing job on the Hp printer.
  2. Check that the device has a normal temperature.
  3. Switch the device to off mode.
  4. Keep the device idle for a few minutes.
  5. Now you can restart the device.
  6. Once restart, check if the fuser issue is resolved or not.

2. Protect the Quality of the HP Printer and keep aways from certain Objects

In some cases, the printer will show up the error when it comes into contact with some objects leading to affecting the printing quality.

The points instructed need to keep in mind:-

  1. Maintain the printer’s quality.
  2. Remove the objects that affect the printer while printing or maintain a gap that does not hamper the quality of the printing.
  3. Also, keep your printer distance from the devices that can wear it.
  4. Do not keep books on paper sheets near the printer.
  5. Now restart the device.

If you follow the points to maintain the Hp printer then the error 50.3 won’t occur.

3. Check the HP Printer’s Power Cord, Voltage, and the Connection

If the voltage is gradually increasing this will lead to failure in the connection causing fuser error to the Hp printer.

You need to make a routine to check the wires, voltage, the connection so that in the future you do not confront such type of error. 

Follow a few of the points to fix the error:-

  1. Do not connect the printer with a different device power strip.
  2. The voltage needs to be stable.
  3. The device should not be connected to a different one and also do not keep in the high voltage area.
  4. Be sure that the printer cord is connected to the power socket directly.

These fixes will help you to solve the error and make your devices run smoothly.

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