Solution Of HP printer alignment failed

Your Hp printer will pop up an error message when you try to print. This error is due to the misalignment of the printer. Hp printer models like HP 6500 and 6510, HP c4180 and c6180, HP Officejet Pro 8500, or HP PhotoSmart 7510 and 7520 can show such problems while printing.

What are the causes that hp printer alignment keeps failing?

  • When the paper is not properly inserted in the tray it might get stuck thus failing the alignment.
  • The cartridges for ink are damaged or of low quality.
  • The cartridges are not installed correctly.
  • If the cartridges are not correctly installed and you command to print the printing will be misaligned.
  • If there is physical damage to the HP printer it can have such a problem.
  • The printhead is clogged because of additional ink.

How can I fix the Alignment Failed error on HP Printer?

When such errors occur it’s quite disturbing because you cannot print any document. An urgent meeting is to be held but you cannot start the printing process. At that moment you just want to fix the error.

We will help you with the solutions to resolve the issue if you face a failed alignment error.

1. Reset the HP Printer

The first technique is to reset the printer in order to fix the alignment error.

  1. Do not switch off the printer.
  2. Next remove the power cord.
  3. Now wait for a minute so that the printer becomes idle.
  4. Connect the power cable again.
  5. Your device will not show any error by now, just check by a test print.

In order to solve the Hp printer alignment failed error cartridges need to be set to default quality.

2. Use Original HP Ink Cartridges

When you do not use the original ink cartridges you will find the print cartridge alignment fails whatever Hp models of printers you use the error will appear on your display screen.

If you want to check that the ink cartridges installed are genuine then follow the steps below:-

  • When you purchase the cartridges they will come in a box.
  • Search the “QR Code” on that box.
  • Now scan it to find that the cartridge is genuine.
  • A link “HP Anti-counterfeit Page” will be provided. Go to the page and get the additional knowledge of the cartridges.

3. Review the HP Printer Alignment Page

Go to the review page of HP alignment and check if the problems are visible in it or not. The information printed might be faded if the alignment is not correct. You can also find some lines that indicate your device is facing some issues.

Here are the instructions to correct the alignment error:-

  1. Firstly insert the paper with the same size and shape in the paper tray.
  2. Check the printhead if any paper is stuck in it.
  3. Now check the ink levels.
  4. The alignment page must be of good quality without any lines or ink traces on it.

4. Check the HP Printer’s Ink Level

Before printing a photo or document, always make sure to check the ink levels. If there is not enough ink present then the printed page will print only traces of faded ink. Thus, your device might be facing failed alignment.

If you do not know how to check the ink levels then let’s have a look at the following steps:-

  • Click the l “Tool” option on the printer.
  • Next, choose “Printer/Supply Levels”.
  • Once you click on the above option you will get a glimpse of the ink levels.
  • If you find the ink levels to be low then get refilled.

5. Clean the HP Printer’s Printhead

Printhead has an important role in printing. If it is clogged with paper the printing will not function properly. You need to clean the printhead to fix the failed alignment error.

The steps to manually clean the printhead are as follows:-

  1. Take a container, piece of cloth, and paper towels.
  2. Also, take distilled water and it should be lukewarm.
  3. Now add the distilled water in the container.
  4. Soak the paper towels to the solution.
  5. Search “Printhead”.
  6. Click on “Tab” and after that remove “Ink Cartridges”.
  7. Now keep the cartridges upside-down on the paper towels.
  8. Next lift the lid of the “Printhead”.
  9. Then remove the “Printhead” by lifting it out.
  10. Now dip the cloth into the distilled water.
  11. Wipe the printhead if any ink is left on the printhead.
  12. Keep the “Printhead” facing downwards.
  13. Check that the nozzle is head-resting on the paper towels.
  14. Now take the “Printhead” out after ten minutes.
  15. Once dried, keep the nozzle portion upward-facing. 
  16. Place the “Printhead” to its original position.
  17. Ensure that the cartridge’s position is set correctly.
  18. Click “Tab” on the cartridges.
  19. Install the cartridges and close the printer upper lid.
  20. Now turn the device off and then turn it on again. Check whether the error is resolved by the above mentioned steps.

6. Auto-clean the Printhead

If the printer always faces failed alignment then you can auto clean the printhead and solve the issue.

Follow the steps to clean the printhead:-

  1. First and foremost, add good-quality paper in the input tray.
  2. Search the printer’s “Control Panel”.
  3. Tap the “Setup” button.
  4. Now choose the “Tools” option from the “Setup Menu”.
  5. Click on the “Clean Printhead” option.
  6. Now press the “Ok” tab.

This will start the auto-cleaning process of the printhead. 

7. Remove the stuck paper from the HP Printer

When the device is clogged with junks of paper don’t expect the printer to start the printing job. It will not only show up an error but prevent you from printing. If you want your device to run smoothly then check if there are any papers stuck in it.

The steps to fix the failed alignment error:-

  1. Firstly, check the outer part of the device.
  2. Then open the printer lid and examine the inside part.
  3. Remove the paper jammed on the printer. But make sure to remove it with gentle care.
  4. The dust in the paper tray can also make the hp printer alignment fail.
  5. Now put back the parts to its original position once you complete the process.

These are the simple solutions to fix the failed alignment error. Whatever models you have either Hp Photosmart or Hp Envy by following the techniques you can surely fix the issue. Always remember to install genuine ink cartridges because it comes with benefits – the original ink cartridges will come up with a warranty and the problem of correct alignment will be resolved.

Regularly facing the errors on the Hp printer will block your printing task and if printed the document will be unclear and faded. The steps involved were easy and no experts were required to fix it. But if you feel the need to ask for assistance from Hp support you are free to seek help.

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