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How To Boot HP Laptop

Boot Menu keys on Hp Laptop are Esc and F9. Most models used the Esc key to access the boot menu.

If you want to start the Hp Laptop update process then it’s important to go to the boot menu with the key. The key Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 on the HP laptop will not be the same. So you need to keep in mind to check the key and then enter it into the boot menu.

Some users might not be aware of the key codes of the boot menu. In this article, you will know hp laptop boot from USB, boot device not found hp laptop, disable secure boot in hp laptop, hp laptop won’t boot past hp screen and so on.

Let’s find out what Boot Menu Key is for HP Laptops.

A key to enter the boot menu of the Hp laptops is the boot menu. If you want to set up BIOS or load OS or a new application then you need to go to the boot menu and access it. Whatever windows you are using you need to have the boot menu key so that you can enter the BIOS of the Laptop.

Hp laptop boot menu key

The Boot menu keys can be available when you enter the Startup Menu. Tap the Esc key for some time as you enter the menu. This will help to get the boot menu key. Open the BIOS on the laptop.

Get the boot menu key on the hp laptop using BIOS Menu

Follow the steps to find the boot menu key:-

  1. Firstly, switch on the Hp laptop.
  2. Then proceed to sign in with your credentials.
  3. As the page opens, tap on the Start Menu.
  4. Select the Power and Shift key together and press it.
  5. The rebooting process will start with this.
  6. After the Troubleshoot option appears on your screen you can leave the Shift tab.
  7. Choose the “Troubleshoot” tab.
  8. Next, tap the “Advanced” tab.
  9. Now, load the screen “UEFI Firmware Settings”.
  10. After that reboot the system and you see many boot options available on your screen.
  11. Lastly, choose “BIOS Setup” so that you can enter the “BIOS Menu”.

HP laptop boot options

The list of boot options for the HP laptops are as follows:-

  • System Information (F1), 
  • System Diagnostics (F2), 
  • Boot Device Options (F9),
  • System Recovery (F11). 

For windows 10 of HP laptops, the boot menu excludes the (F12) Network Boot option.

How to boot an HP laptop from USB?

The steps below will guide you to boot the Hp laptop from USB:-

  1. Turn on the Laptop.
  2. Tap “Esc” repeatedly and you will find the Startup Menu. 
  3. Next step you need to click the “F9” key in order to locate the “Boot Device Options”.
  4. Now choose the USB device using the up and down arrow key.
  5. Lastly, you need to click the Enter tab.

How to boot an HP laptop in safe mode?

Go through the instructions mentioned below to boot your Laptop in safe mode:-

  1. First, you need to hit the Start tab.
  2. Then click the Power button.
  3. In order to choose the Restart tab, you need to hold the Shift tab.
  4. Next, choose the Troubleshoot option.
  5. Under the above option you are required to choose the Advanced tab followed by Startup Settings.
  6. The screen will appear on your Laptop, hit the Restart tab. 
  7. Your laptop will start to reboot, and send you to a screen of Startup Settings.
  8. Select the Enable Safe Mode or Enable Safe Mode with Networking using the arrow keys from your keyboard.

Your device will boot in safe mode as you enable the option.

Disable secure boot in HP laptop

You need to disable the secure boot if your screen turns black or blue or not even starts or after installing any new hardware displays BIOS error.

The following steps need to be performed:-

  1. If your device is switched on then you need to first turn it off.
  2. Then, remove the hardware by uninstalling and again install the original one.
  3. Now, switch on the device by clicking the Power tab and then tap the F10 key till the Computer Setup Utility pops up.
  4. Select the Security menu and then select the Secure Boot Configuration, and after that tap on Enter button.
  5. Tap the F10 key on the Secure Boot Configuration message in order to continue.
  6. You will find the Disable option next to Secure Boot.
  7. Choose the Enable option visible near Legacy Support.
  8. To make the changes select the F10 key.
  9. Now tap the F10 key again and after that click twice the Enter tab. This will restart the Laptop.
  10. 4-digit code will appear on the Operating System Boot Mode Change message, just type it and tap the Enter key to confirm the modification. You won’t find a blank box to see the typing so fill the code correctly.
  11. Next turn off the Laptop and install the component again.
  12. Lastly, restart the laptop and check that the secure boot is disabled.

HP Laptop won’t Boot Past HP screen

Sometimes HP laptops won’t boot up and show errors. 

Here are a few steps to follow when the laptop does not boot up:-

  1. Switch off the device.
  2. Then, you need to check that there are not any USB devices or CDs on the laptop.
  3. Also check that no memory cards are on the laptop. 
  4. Remove all the devices like printers, scanners, external hard drives.
  5. But make sure that the keyboard, mouse and monitor are connected to the device.

How to boot a device not found on an HP laptop?

The following steps need to be followed:-

  1. If your Laptop is turned off then tap the Power key and start the device.
  2. Next, click the F10 key and enter it into the BIOS setup menu.
  3. Now, from the menu you are required to click the F9 key and this will load and restore the BIOS to Default Settings.
  4. The page will load and then at last click the F10 key in order to Save and Exit.


Hope this guide will help you to enter the boot menu when you want to update your system. But make sure to check the key because different windows have different boot keys for entering into the boot menu.

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