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In this blog, we will talk about HP ePrint.

  • What is ePrint?
  • How to download and log in?
  • How to set up and use the ePrint service?
  • HP ePrint app.
  • How to add HP ePrint to google cloud print?
  • Fix the error if HP ePrint is not working?

Nowadays, clicking a photo and printing it is a piece of cake and HP ePrint is one such technology used by Hewlett Packard. You can use it on your laptop, computers, and smartphones. Whenever you want a printout of either document or photos you can easily print.

You can also send an email to your printer and print the documents. It’s quite easy with less effort.

After knowing the ability of HP ePrint you might be curious to use the service. So read on the page till the end.

How to download HP ePrint?

If you want to use the HP ePrint, then you need to download the software first.

The following steps need to taken to install the ePrint printer, you can do the following:-

  1. Firstly, click the link https://support.hp.com and enter the HP website.
  2. Next, you are required to tap on the link “Choose a different OS”.
  3. After that choose the “Operating system” and “Versions” from the available list.
  4. Then click on the “Update” tab and you can get a glimpse of the software result.
  5. Next, tap on the “Download” tab.
  6. Now, save the file on the computer.
  7. Next step, tap “.exe file” and install the software.
  8. You will be asked to agree to the license terms and modify the settings of installation.

You need to select the operating system and its edition. This will help you to download the exact file on the computer. As you complete the download process, start installing by going through the instructions shown on your display screen.

How to Login into HP ePrint Printer? 

You completed the installation process now you can take a step ahead to Login into the Hp ePrint. 

Follow the steps to log in to the ePrint:-

  1. In the first step, tap on the Create Account tab.
  2. Now type the details like:
    • Name
    • email id
    • Contact Number
    • Password
    • Region
  3. Next, tap the “Create Account” tab and a code will be sent to your email address or phone number.
  4. Then add the verification code and tap the “Verify” option.
  5. Now you can proceed to “HP Smart homepage”.
  6. Next thing, enter the code and click on the “Add” tab.
  7. After that go to the “info” page, and enter the code and tap the “Add” tab.
  8. Now, moving to the “ePrint Settings” window, type the “HP ePrint email” address.
  9. Lastly, click on the “Submit” option.

How to Use HP ePrint Sw?

You have installed the ePrint and also set up the account and now you can start using it.

If you do not know the steps to use HP ePrint to print photos or documents then here are the instructions mentioned below:-

  1. Firstly, choose the file that you want to print.
  2. Next, tap the “File” menu.
  3. Select the “Print” tab.
  4. Then tap the “HP ePrint” option utilizing the “PDF drop-down” menu thus launching the “HP ePrint Software”.
  5. Next step, tap on the “Direct” option. 
  6. Wait till the software detects a printer.
  7. After the printer is detected pick the one that is compatible.
  8. Now, modify the settings for print jobs.
  9. Choose the “Duplex” tab if required.
  10. Lastly, tap on the “Print” tab.

There are different models of printer available such as HP OfficeJet 7110 wide format ePrinter, HP OfficeJet pro 6230 ePrinter, and a lot more.

Information about HP ePrint Services

Printing docs and photos on Hp ePrint has made life easier. But do you know that there are different services which you can get from the printer?

  1. HP ePrint software support:
    • Microsoft Word 
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Microsoft Outlook
    • HTML 
    • Microsoft Excel
  2. File formats: TXT, JPG, BMP, PNG, PDF, GIF and TIFF.
  3. For printing, 100 DPI is required for an image file.
  4. You can deliver 10 attachments but under 5MB in one email.
  5. Excel files need to be previewed before printing.
  6. Through email, web pages cannot be printed.
  7. Using a smartphone, a web page can be printed.

HP ePrint App

HP ePrint has provided three different types of printing app for mobiles:-

  • HP ePrint (for Blackberry, iOS, and Android users)
  • HP ePrint Enterprise (for Blackberry, iOS, and Android users)
  • HP Designjet ePrint and Share

Let’s proceed with the steps on how to use the app on Smartphones:-

  1. First and foremost, launch the app.
  2. Then scan the documents and click the preview button.
  3. Next, click on the “Print Setup” and adjust the settings.
  4. Now tap the “Print” button.

Can I add HP ePrint to Google Cloud Print?

Yes, you can add HP ePrint to Google Cloud Print. 

Windows App:-

Users of Windows XP are required to install the Microsoft XML paper specification pack.

But for Windows 10 or 8 users need to follow the steps mentioned below:-

  1. From your Windows computer tap the Login button.
  2. Then, launch “Google Chrome”.
  3. In the toolbar click the “Wrench” tab.
  4. After that tap on the “Options”.
  5. Scroll to the “Under the Hood” option.
  6. Search “Google Could Print” section.
  7. Next tap on the “Sign in to Google Cloud Print”.
  8. Now login with the Google Account on the next page enabling the Google Cloud Printer connector.
  9. Lastly tap on the “Finish printer registration”.

This will enable the Google Cloud Print service.

Phone App:-

Go through the instructions given below:-

  • Launch the app in the first case.
  • Once done proceed to log in with your credentials of Google Account. You do not need to create a new account to connect to cloud print.
  • Click on the “Food ordering” button.
  • Tap the “Connect to Cloud Print” tab.

With this Google, Account is linked to Google Cloud Print and now you can start printing.

What are the solutions to fix the HP ePrint Not Working error?

We have listed out a few of the fixes to resolve the not working issues:

Fix 1: Check the Status of the Printer

In the first case check the status of the printer.

Here are the steps to be performed:-

  1. Turn off the printer.
  2. Print a page and test with the local network.
  3. Enable the Web Services. A printer is of two types: With touchscreen and Without touchscreen.
    • With touchscreen: Click on the “HP ePrint” icon, then go to “Settings”. Alternatively, you need to select “Web Services” under the options “Wireless Settings” or “Network Setup”.
    • Without touchscreen: When you print a test you will get the IP address and then type it in the browser to unlock the “Embedded Web Server”. Next tap on the “Web Services” to enable the feature.

You can now print documents after following the steps correctly.

Fix 2: ePrint Email and Print Job Settings need to be checked

  1. Meet the Email Requirements:
  • Add one email address in the “To” field.
  • Then add the text in the “Subject” field.
  • 10 items can be attached within 10 MB in a single email. 
  1. The attached File should be Compatible:
  • If photos are to be printed then the format should be GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and JPG with 100 pixels of resolution.
  • Documents need to be printed only in HTML, PDF, TXT, ppt, doc, xls and Microsoft Outlook.
  1. Confirm the Email:
  • Sign in to the HP Smart account in order to check the email address.
  • Click on “My Printers”.
  • You can correct your email under “ePrint Access”.
  1. Fulfil the Print Job Requirements:
  • The ePrint printer prints one side color printout by default. The document size of paper or letter is A4, and print photos on 4×6.
  • You can also customize the settings by just logging in to the “HP Smart” account and clicking on “My Printers”.  After that, under the “ePrint Preferences”, pick the printing options like- monochrome, plain, or photo paper or two-sided duplex.

Once you check and fix the issue you will not face the error again.

Fix 3: Check the Network Connection

You are required to test the local network of the printer. If any error is signaled then repair as soon as possible.

Following things you need to take into account:-

  1. Turn on the printer’s signal.
  2. Connect with the same network as your computer or mobile.
  3. Use the wizard available in the Control Panel, if the printer has wireless set up.
  4. The computer and the printer need to remain close to the router at a distance of more than 1.8m.
  5. Reset the router to fix the issue.

Google cloud print vs hp eprint

As per reports, Google cloud print has been discontinued but now it is freely accessible for private use. Hp ePrint has now managed to launch a new cloud print.

HP ePrint JetAdvantage

While ePrint’s essential errand is to stimulate the transfer of remote information and JetAdvantage monitors printing action on the network, there is significantly more to the product suite than satisfies the eye. While non-business clients will be enticed to eliminate the two applications when they are finished with the HP printer set up.


Those users who are willing to use HP ePrint printers but not aware of the steps can go through this blog. You can print photos with the help of ePrint apps. If you find difficulty in fixing the error occurring on the HP ePrint then go through the solutions discussed above.

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