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How to update the BIOS of an HP laptop?

You might use your laptop for years but might not be aware of the term Bios, what is the BIOS update, is there any tool to update or updates automatically, what happens if the update fails or is stuck.

In this guide, you will learn about updating BIOS in detail.

BIOS, Basic Input Output System considered being as a set of code. It remains in a chip on the motherboard system.

  • When you boot the laptop, it waits for the BIOS for instructions in order to search the operating system.
  • BIOS will help you to communicate between the operating system and the hardware.

When your HP laptop shows a black screen this might be because the BIOS needs an update. This will fix the errors and the system performance becomes better. But make sure that you download the correct update so that your device functions properly.

You are required to know the version of the BIOS already installed and then proceed to update it.

Follow the instructions mentioned below to check the installed BIOS:-

  • Firstly, select Windows and R together and press to open the Run window.
  • Then type msinfo32 and tap the Enter tab. 
  • Here opens the System Information window. 
  • Next, choose the System Summary option.
  • After that, find the BIOS Version/Date option. 
  • You will get to see the value of your BIOS version. Write the value properly which is important during the update.
    • The value against “System Mode” will be the system model. So note it in the right manner.

How do I update the BIOS on the HP laptop?

There are different models like – hp spectre x360, hp pavilion 15 notebook, pavilion g7, hp omen, Compaq 6000 etc. So you need to select the models and then proceed to update the BIOS of the system.

We have listed a few methods through which you can update the BIOS without any issue.

i) Update using Windows:

Follow the steps to update the Bios through Windows:-

  1. Firstly, click on the HP Software & Driver Downloads.
  2. Now the page opens up, you will see the heading “Enter my HP model number”, below that type the model name of the system. Then tap the Enter tab.
  3. Tap the model from the list that matches your system. The page of your support will pop up.
  4. Tap under the “Operating systems in English:” and then choose the operating system.
  5. Next tap on the (+) sign to expand the folder available next to the BIOS. If there is no sign then the recent BIOS version is the only BIOS version usable for the model.
  6. Just after tapping the BIOS section, if it is the new one then opt to download it.
  7. Before closing the applications make sure to save the important files. Then disable the antivirus for some time. Now you need to run the updated BIOS setup.
  8. Hit the next button and Accept the Eula agreement. Clicking the next tab will extract the setup first. Just copy the extraction path, c:\SWSetup\SP73917. And then tap the Next button.
  9. After completing the extraction tap the Windows + E keys together. Then proceed to paste the address in the search bar and click on Enter tab.
  10. Now open the hp flash folder.
  11. Run the similar file, the numbers will be different but the last letter E is the same in all files.
  12. Choose the “Initiate BIOS update on this system” option and tap the OK tab. Next, follow the on-screen instructions and wait to complete the installation. Make sure the battery is charged during the process. After completing the process reboot the device.

ii) Bios Update using Bootable USB:

In order to update BIOS using a USB, your USB should be 1GB.

Here are the points instructed to be followed:-

  1. First and foremost, tap the F10 key and enter the settings of BIOS. You can also press the F2 or F6 key to go to the settings menu on different systems.
  2. On the setup page, you will find the BIOS version.
  3. Now move to the HP Software & Driver Downloads on your PC.
  4. On that page, you need to type the model of the laptop and tap the Enter button.
  5. Choose the model from the search list and the support window will pop up.
  6. Tap under the “Operating systems in English:” and choose the operating system.
  7. Next tap (+) sign and expand the folder.
  8. Tap on the BIOS section, you need to download the updated version like 2019, 2020 or 2021 if you have the new version.
  9. Save the file and close the background applications. Do not forget to disable the antivirus while the updating process is going on.
  10. Next, run the downloaded version.
  11. Now click on the Next button and Accept the Eula agreement. The setup will extract and then copy the extraction path and tap the Enter button.
  12. Hold the Windows and E keys together and press them after completing the extraction.
  13. Next step, paste the copied file to the address bar and tap the Enter tab.
  14. Now, open the hp flash folder.
  15. Then run the file.
  16. Remove all the USBs before starting the procedure.
  17. Next, choose the “Create a bootable USB disk on key” option and tap the OK button.
  18. After that attach a USB and back the data when you are asked to Insert the USB in order to format and then click the OK tab. Tap the Yes option to format USB.
  19. Next, from the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool window, choose FAT32 from the list of File System and tap the Start tab.
  20. After completing you will receive a confirmation message.
  21. Now, insert the USB into the required system and tap the power button.
  22. Click the Esc tab to access the Startup Menu and choose the Boot device options. After that choose the USB drive.
  23. Go through the instructions as shown on the screen and complete the installation.
  24. Lastly, restart the device after completing the installation process and the new updated BIOS system is installed on your Hp Laptop.

Hence, this article will help you to update the BIOS using any one of the methods mentioned above. In some circumstances, while updating BIOS, the device might get a virus. These viruses are not easily removed but rarely this type of case may happen. The BIOS is separate from the hard disks and if you have an antivirus scan with it and this will not get any virus on your system.

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