How to fax from printer hp?

Fax is known as the safest mode to transfer any important file or document ensuring that the files are in safe hands. Fax is important mostly in offices that may carry your company to a succeeding level.

But did you know that the Hp printer also has the new feature of faxing? You can easily send faxes using your Hp printer. This is good news for those who find faxing quite complicated.

In this article, you will get a total guide on how to send a fax from a Hp printer, how to receive fax wirelessly from a hp printer, how to fax from an HP printer without a phone line, etc.

If your HP printer has fax capability then you can send and receive fax using the printer.

Nowadays many printers have the fax capability feature. You can add to your printer when the need arises. Search the “fax button” on the device or you will find a telephone jack on the printer. With the help of a telephone jack, you can easily connect to the phone line. Also, you can go through the product information to know whether your printer has a fax capability. The printers with commercials grade arrive with a fax kit.

How can I set up a fax on my HP printer?

You can send or receive fax on a Hp printer but there are things you need to acquire for faxing. It is important to know the things required before setting up the fax on the printer.

  • Wireless fax is sent through an Hp printer with a wireless network card. Some new models printers support wireless fax.
  • Those without wireless need to have  an ethernet cable or a phone line in order to send a fax.

Follow the instructions to set up the fax on the Hp printer:-

  1. Connect the phone cord to the wall jack and 1-LINE jack placed on the back of the printer. If you wish to connect it to the answering machine then use the 2-EXT jack.
  2. Move to the HP software tool, and click the “Fax Setup Wizard” for Windows and the “Basic Fax Settings” for Mac devices.
  3. Now type your name, name of the organisation and phone number in the fax header.
  4. Next select the ring type for the fax line.
  5. After that match the dialing type in order to enable the Hp printer to be familiar with the rings and incoming calls.
  6. Now choose the volume levels for the ringing tones and busy alarms or keep it in silent mode.
  7. The process is said to be completed by now.

You may have questions on is it necessary to attach the phone line to the printer for faxing.

It is a good thing if you attach the phone line to the printer. If there is no phone line you can use devices as an alternative that turns the network port into a phone route.

After completing the setup process you can opt for a test for the fax set up.

  1. Visit the Control Panel.
  2. Now move to the “Setup” option
  3. Next choose “Tools” option.
  4. After that choose “Run Fax Test”. Here you can check the status of the fax set up.
  5. A document will be printed for reviewing.

How to receive and send fax wirelessly from an hp printer?

We will guide you with the instructions to fax wirelessly from the HP printer.

Below are the steps that you need to follow:-

  1. At first check the printer and the computer that both are functioning on the same network.
  2. Next step, place the document that you need to fax in the fax tray. Make sure to add a cover page so that the receiver can recognise the document.
  3. Now, moving to the settings, choose the “Fax” option.
  4. Type the number where the fax to be send.
  5. Now proceed to tap the “Start” button. This will scan the document thus sending it via the wireless network.

You do not need a phone line if you are sending or receiving fax wirelessly from a Hp printer.

How to fax from printers – HP Officejet 5255, 3830, 4630, 4650?

1. You can send fax through your Computer

Here are the steps to fax from the printer:-

  1. Firstly, go to the automatic document feeder and place the original inside it.
  2. Next, click on the Fax tab.
  3. Choose, Send Now and hit the Enter Fax Number or pick the Phonebook tab.
  4. Type the Fax number using the keypad.
  5. You can also choose the phone number from the phone book.
  6. Now, click either Black or Color to send the Fax. You can try sending fax through your PC.
  7. Select the document and open it to fax.
  8. Choose the Print from the File Menu.
  9. Pick the printer with Fax in its name.
  10. Now type the recipient details and after that choose Send Fax option.

2. Send the fax from your Mobile phone

Go through the steps mentioned below to send the fax from the Mobile:-

  1. First and foremost, switch on the printer and start the fax.
  2. Next place the document to the feeder.
  3. The document need to be place on the scanner glass.
  4. Now, touch the Homescreen fax.
  5. Select the phone number to whom you want to send the fax.
  6. Ask the recipient to notify you that you have received the fax.
  7. You will get to hear tone if it is received by the machine. This will be the sound you set during the set up process.
  8. You need to wait till the fax received on the other end.
  9. Lastly, hang up the phone at the onset of the transmion.

How do I receive Fax from Hp Printer?

  1. In the first case, tap the program to open in order to receive the fax.
  2. Next, you need to wait so that the fax line to ring.
  3. You will hear a tone then tap the  “answer fax” option.
  4. The software will reply the line and receive the fax.
  5. You will get the fax received electronically and after that print it.


You can easily fax from Hp printers either through a phone line or wireless. Just go through the guide and follow it so that you can easily complete the task.

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