How to clean HP printer rollers?

You have read many articles like Hp printer errors, how to connect Hp printer etc. But this topic is about cleaning your printer rollers. You may not know that the printer needs care unless it stops working.

Either at home, school, offices, or any other places where the printer is used, you might not notice that the device gets dust and debris building upon it.

Most of the time the HP printer remains open getting dust in the trays, guides, cartridges, and rollers so if you leave in this way then you cannot accomplish the printing work.

Hp printers are your best partner at the job. For example, during meetings, if any important file needs to be printed then it will help you, similarly in schools. Not only documents can be printed but also photos. As we are advancing printers are also advancing making our life easier. This has a great impact on our lives.

If you keep on printing with the dust in it the prints might not be clear and unwanted impressions can be seen. So cleaning your HP printer is a must if you do not want to stop your device from working.

How do I clean the rollers on my hp printer?

We will guide you with the instructions to clean the roller of the Hp printers like Hp 6490, Hp 6970, etc. There are two things that need to be cleaned properly i.e. paper tray rollers and internal pickup rollers.

How to clean Hp printer Paper Tray Rollers?

Let’s proceed to learn the steps in detail to clean the paper tray rollers.

Gather things:-

  • One tablespoon of isopropyl alcohol or water.
  • Clean and dry lint-free cloth.

As you collected the things now follow the steps to clean the paper tray rollers:-

  1. In the first step, always make sure to remove the plug of the printer and also switch it off.
  2. Now, take out the paper tray from the printer.
  3. The roller is made up of rubber and the colour might be black or grey. So look for it.
  4. Next, remove the paper tray rollers carefully.
    Those who are using Inkjet Printer will find the paper tray inside the printer. Remove the tray and move to face upward and you will see the printer roller.
  5. You have found the paper tray rollers and now take the one tablespoon of isopropyl alcohol or water. If you do not have isopropyl alcohol then take clean water.
  6. Now, take the cloth and dab it into the solution and rub gently the paper tray rollers. This will remove all the dust and debris present in it.
  7. After that fold the cloth in half and try to clean it again.
  8. The rollers are clean by now and the next thing you need to do is take a dry cloth and then rub the tray with it
  9. Once the paper rollers are dried you can take them and place them back in the Hp Printer.

How to clean Internal pick-up rollers on Hp printer?

Similarly, in order to clean internal pick-up rollers, you are required to have:-

  • One tablespoon of isopropyl alcohol or water.
  • Clean and dry lint-free cloth.

Here are the following steps you need to follow:-

  1. Turn the Hp printer to off mode and make sure to remove the plug from the power source.
  2. Next, open the front door of the HP printer and take out the toner cartridge carefully.
  3. Find the internal pickup roller of the HP printer. The roller is made up of rubber coloured in grey or black.
  4. Take the roller out gently.
  5. Next, put the internal pickup roller carefully on a neat surface. 
  6. Now, take the solution of isopropyl alcohol or water.
  7. Dab the cloth into the solution. You need to make sure the cloth should be lint-free.
  8. Now rub the internal pickup roller with the cloth and remove the dust.
  9. After that take another cloth that should be dry to clean the roller again.
  10. Now keep the roller to air dry. Next place the internal pick-up roller back to the printer. 
  11. Properly put the toner cartridge and close the printer door.

How to clean rollers on an HP laserjet printer?

Now let’s go through a few of the points to clean the laserjet printer’s rollers:-

  • While scrubbing the roller you need to be conscious that you do not use much pressure which might lead to damage to the printer.
  • Clean only how much it requires without any damage. 
  • If you want your printer to maintain the quality of the prints then start cleaning the rollers regularly.
  • Before placing the rollers back to the printer, ensure they are fully dried.
  • Once you complete the cleaning process takes a print test. This will assure that the rollers you removed and placed are fitted properly.


There are no hard and fast rules to clean the rollers of the Hp Printers but if you carefully follow the steps then there is less chance of damage. Your prints will have better quality because you have an eye on the printer and keeps your printer germ-free.

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