How to change ink in an HP printer?

While printing, if your printers indicate that your device has low-level ink or prints low-quality images then the reason behind this is that you need to change your cartridge ink.

Though you frequently use printers for printing you might know how to change the ink. So this blog will have the instructions you just need to follow according to it.

You can easily change cartridge ink on any model of HP printer.

Those users are new as well as the experienced one who regularly uses the printer but do not change the ink should keep in mind few of the things. 

  • Check the control panel screen to see whether it displays a dip in the ink level or not. If you see drop in the level then replace the ink.
  • Make sure the cartridge ink you bought is compatible with your Hp Printer. Suppose you have Hp 3830 printer and you bought a different brand ink cartridge then this might not seem to operate properly.
  • When you purchase the cartridge ink you can take with you the empty one to see the  serial and label number present on it.
  • You should keep the cartridge number and also the type as note because the numbering and labeling system might be vary with the product type.

These are the important points that you need to follow before replacing or changing the ink cartridge.

How do I change the ink in a hp printer?

You can change the ink in a Hp printer of any model you possess by following the below-mentioned steps:-

  1. Ensure your Hp printer is turned on.
  2. Next, get to open the printer’s lid and also access the door where cartridge is placed.
  3. The device might take some time to set to idle mode.
  4. First remove the old cartridge by pressing down and it will be released from the slot.
  5. Next, unwrap the new cartridge and do not touch the ink nozzles. 
  6. Now carefully place your new cartridge in the correct slot. If you are changing the tri colour slot then put it in that left slot otherwise second one is for black color in the right slot.
  7. Next, glide the ink cartridge at an upward angle position on the the slot and push it towards the end till it sets to its right position.
  8. Now you can close the exterior lid.
  9. Next re-align the output tray extender and try to print a test page.
  10. The control panel you will see the levels are full and this will show up on the printer’s display. 

Once done you can easily print documents on your Hp printer.

Hp printer does not print after changing ink cartridge

In some cases, after filling the cartridge ink you might face the error that the printer won’t print as it used to be.

Here are the fixes that will assist you to solve the problem:-

i) Discard the plastic tape from the new cartridge

When you placed a new Cartridge but not yet remove the plastic wrap then this error is likely to occur. If this plastic is attached to your new cartridge then this might prevents you from printing. Fix by removing the plastic tape from the Hp printer.

ii) Update the software

You have changed the ink but no printing task is performed. This is because the software needs an update.

You can visit the website if no updates are displayed on your screen.

  1. First visit the support website and now type the printer’s model in the “Locate your Product to get Support’’ box.
  2. Next download the software.
  3. Install it online and reboot the device and complete the configuration.
  4. Lastly print an alignment page to check if the error persists.

iii) Lean the cartridge’s slot

  1. Turn the device to off mode.
  2. Next separate the cartridge to clean. The slot might be full of dirt and copper colored was bounded by it which prevents you from printing.
  3. This case usually occurs during the installation of the new cartridge.
  4. Make sure to wipe the cartridge with a cotton ball to prevent leakage.
  5. Now place the cartridge to its original position.
  6. Tap the on button of your printer.
  7. At last print a test page to clear your doubts that the error is resolved.

Hp printers are promising printers and what model you possess or whatever you print this printer gives a perfect finishing.

The steps we studied above will fix any type of Hp printer and here is the list:-

  • HP envy 4500
  • HP envy 7640
  • Hp Deskjet 3050
  • Hp 8610
  • Hp 3510
  • HP 3830
  • HP 6978
  •  HP Photosmart 

I hope, this guide will help you change the ink cartridge and also fix the error if it does not print after installing the new cartridge.

The customer service of Hp printers will also be happy to assist you if you get in touch with them. You can get help from a computer-generated bot this might not be helpful in some cases.  You need to have the patience to reach them but due to these pandemics, the executive numbers to assist might be less so you need to wait to get your task done.

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