How to cancel a print job on an HP printer?

This blog is about canceling a print job on a Hp Printer. But do you know why this need occurs?

Let’s have a sneak peek at the reasons to cancel a print job on a Hp Printer:-

  • If you have provided an inaccurate command.
  • If printing of a particular document is no longer required.
  • If the command for a single document is given twice then you need to cancel the printing job so that it can prevent paper wastage.

You can easily tap the Cancel or Stop buttons on the HP printer and stop the print from the Control Panel.

How do I Cancel printing on HP Printer?

You can remove the print queue on HP printers by selecting the Stop button from the Control Panel. The options will be available at the control panel making your task easier. If in case you have a touchscreen panel then cancel from it.

There are different methods that will be helpful for you to cancel print jobs on Hp Deskjet Printers.

1. Cancelling HP Deskjet Print Jobs through Control Panel

One of the simplest methods to cancel the print jobs is through the Control Panel. The Control Panel option will be seen on the HP printer and under it, you can see the Cancel tab. Just press and stop the print job.

Follow the instructions given below:-

  1. Go to the “Control Panel” on the printer.
  2. Next, you will get to see the “Cancel” tab. You need to click on it.

Note: This type of printer does not have a touchpad.

2. Stop a Printing Job using HP Printer’s Touch Screen Panel

You can opt to cancel the printing commands from the Hp printer. This is possible only when you have a touch screen panel. The Stop option will be available on the panel. Once you tap on it the printing process will be stopped.

Here are the steps you need to follow:-

  1. Make sure that the printer has a touch screen panel.
  2. Your printer is turned on and has given a command then you are required to tap the  “Stop” tab.
  3. Now click the “Stop” tab and the process will be discontinued.

3. Clear the Print Jobs from the HP Printer

Few Hp printer models do not include the touch screen panels. Although you can directly cancel the print jobs from the printer. A Cancel option will be provided to the Hp printer. You can simply click the Cancel tab to stop the document from printing.

  1. The Cancel button will be available to you on the Hp printer.
  2. You need to tap the “Cancel” tab.
  3. The printing of the document or photos will be cancelled on Hp Photosmart Printer.

4. Remove the Paper Sheets from the paper tray of the HP Printer

When you cannot cancel the print jobs and find it difficult to do so then try removing the stack sheets from the paper tray. If there will be no papers on the tray then the printing process will be stopped by itself.

If required, turn off the printer from the plug. This will stop the device from processing further printing. Once stopped you can proceed to the Control Panel and stop the command through the Cancel button.

If you restart the printer it won’t start the print job.

How do I Cancel Print Jobs on HP Envy 4520 Printer through Printer Assistant?

You need to run the Printer Assistant if you want to cancel the printing jobs on HP 4520. If you have a windows 10 device then running the HP Printer Assistant will be much easier.

The steps you need to follow:-

  1. Go to the “HP” charm on Windows 10. 
  2. Next, after finding it click the Left button.
  3. A list will pop up, choose the Printer option.
  4. Now left click on the “Printer” tab. After that, the “Printer Assistant” will be launched on the system.
  5. Look for “See What’s Printing”.
  6. Next proceed to check the “Print Queue”.
  7. Now select the print job that you want to stop.

How to cancel printing jobs on HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 using Printer Control Panel?

You can directly go to the Control Panel and select the Cancel button in order to stop the printing job on the HP Printer Pro 8600.

Not any hard and fast rules are required to cancel the printing process.

When the printing command is given then you can go to the Control Panel and click on the Cancel tab to cancel the command.

The Cancel option is probably to stop the printing operation so that the command you gave is to be put to hold. The button will be available on the Control Panel of the HP printer and depicted by a cross-like or an “X” symbol.

The above-discussed methods can be used in different models of Hp printers. Some might have a touch screen and others with a Control Panel. If you do not find the Cancel option but the Stop option is available, this will work in the same manner as the Cancel tab.

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