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GMX Mail Einrichten iPhone

Did you know iPhone users can keep more than one email account? This is the reason why many people opt for the iPhone, especially for the ease of several mail receptions. If you are also an iphone user and are keen on gmx mail einrichten iPhone, then this blog-post is what you should be looking at. We will tell you everything about gmx iphone mail settings so that it can come in handy when you decide to configure gmx mail account iphone einrichten on your phone.

How to Configure GMX Email Settings in iPhone

Here, we will walk you through all the important configuration mail gmx iphone including gmx outgoing mail server iphone and adresse mail gmx sur iphone. So, what are you waiting for? Keep reading below to find out everything you need to know about gmx mail iphone.

  • You should choose IMAP from POP/IMAP.
  • The incoming server should be
  • The incoming port should be 993.
  • The security code for the incoming server should be SSL.
  • The outgoing server should be
  • The outgoing port should be 465.
  • Type in ‘Yes’ for Requires Sign-In.

gmx mail account iphone einrichten

Now, we will tell you in detail all the steps for getting a gmx mail account iPhone einrichten.

  1. Launch Settings on your iphone and click on ‘Passwords and account’ and then go to ‘Add account.’
  2. If you don’t have this email registered on your list of email providers, go to ‘Other.’
  3. Now, select the ‘Add mail account’ and then fill in the following information.
  4. Enter your name for the username.
  5. Type in your GMX email id.
  6. Type in your GMX email account password.
  7. You have to provide a short description in the description field.
  8. Under the Incoming mail server, select IMAP and fill in the following details to get gmx mail account einrichten iPhone.
  9. Type for the hostname.
  10. Enter your GMX mail address for the username.
  11. Enter your mail password in the password section.
  12. Now, you have to do settings for outgoing server to get gmx mails können nicht gesendet werden
  13. Select SMTP for the outgoing server.
  14. Type in for the hostname.
  15. Enter your SMX mail id for username.
  16. Type in your account password.
  17. Ensure that ‘Email’ is checked and then click on ‘Save.’
  18. Now your gmx mail account auf iphone einrichten is saved. Thereafter, you have to verify all the data to check whether they are correct or not.
  19. Tap over your new gmx mail einrichten iphone account and then select ‘Advanced’.
  20. Please check the following details:
  21. You should switch on ‘SSL.’
  22. Use your password for an identity check.
  23. The server port should be 993.
  24. Revisit the previous screen and click on under the outgoing server to get gmx mail einrichten iphone.
  25. You should enable SSL.
  26. Again, use your password for an identity check.
  27. The server port should be 465.
  28. Thereafter, select ‘Done’ and restart your phone to make sure the configuration is done in the right way.

That’s how you get gmx mail settings iphone with perfection. In fact, you can also go for gmx mail app iphone if you want to use the app. The steps for iphone gmx mails können nicht gesendet warden are extremely easy. All you need to do is follow all the steps and try not to skip any of them or else there can be errors in launching the account. If you face any issue in setting gmx mail iPhone 6 einrichten or gmx mail einrichten iphone, you can seek professional guidance and they will solve all your problems.

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