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GMX Mail in Outlook

GMX emails are one of the widely used email interfaces that people use for work and other purposes. In fact, it is a free account so you don’t have to pay for anything to get this email on your phone or computers. Now, we have seen that there are people who are looking for gmx mail in outlook. You can access GMX E-mail from anywhere and at any time provided you have an internet connection.

This blog-post will reveal the ways to get gmx mail einrichten outlook. So, keep reading below and find out more:

A Quick Guide to Gmx Mail in Outlook

To get gmx email in outlook einrichten, you have to follow a few steps that are mentioned below:

  1. Begin by clicking on the ‘File’ tab from Menu and then navigate to ‘Add account’ through ‘Information.’

  2. Now you have to activate the option that says, ‘Manually configure server settings or additional server types’. You have to click on the box beside the saying and then click on ‘Continue.’

  3. Then, open the ‘Add new account’ and click on ‘Email account’ followed by clicking on ‘Continue.’

  4. Thereafter, you have to click on ‘Add new account’ and then eventually on ‘Internet E-mail’ and then press on ‘Continue.’

  5. Now, you have to enter a few details to get gmx mail outlook einstellungen.

  6. Enter your first and last name in the name section.

  7. Type in your gmax email address in the address section.

  8. Then choose the account type as POP3.

  9. The incoming server for gmx mail settings outlook will be

  10. The outgoing server for gmx de mail mit outlook abrufen will be

  11. For username, type in your email id.

  12. For password to access gmx mail in outlook, enter your account password.

  13. Thereafter, remove the checkmark beside the ‘Test account setting by clicking on the continue button.’

  14. Now, click on ‘Further settings.’

  15. You will get a symbolized file box, choose ‘Outgoing mail server’ registration card with the help of the mouse.

  16. Check the box beside ‘The outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication’.

  17. Then, click on ‘Advanced.’

  18. Now you have to enter a few data that are mentioned below for gmx mail server outlook.

  19. The port value for incoming server should be 995.

  20. Select the box beside ‘Server requires an encrypted…..’

  21. The port value for outgoing mail server should be 465.

  22. Choose SSL for the connection type of de mail gmx outlook.

  23. Make sure that nothing is deleted on the server. That’s why to select the box beside ‘Leave a copy of messages on the server.’

  24. Now, click on ‘OK’, ‘Continue’ and ‘Finish.’

  25. To test the changes of email outlook einrichten gmx, you can click on ‘Send’, ‘Receive’ folders.

Important Note :- gmx mail settings outlook

The alternative settings of POP3 are IMAP variant that ensures you to access your mailbox in real-time on the internet. But, this variant is chargeable.

By following all the above-listed steps, you can successfully have e-mail gmx einrichten outlook. There are many people who wonder if they can do the configuration of gmx mail einrichten outlook on their own. The answer is yes, you can definitely configure wie kann ich meine gmx mails mit outlook abrufen. You need to follow all the steps thoroughly and enter correct data to get gmx e mail in outlook einrichten correctly. Otherwise, for any assistance on setting gmx mail in outlook, you can seek professional guidance.

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