Frontier Email Settings for Outlook

Frontier Email Settings for Outlook

Do you want to use Frontier email? If so, then this blog-post is meant for you. It will take you through the frontier mail setting for outlook express. That’s not the end; it will also focus on other sectors such as Pop3 and SMTP port settings. Now you may wonder why the latter is being discussed in this post, it is because SMTP directs the sending of the outgoing emails. Hence, SMTP needs to be configured with IMAP. Keep reading this blog-post and find out all the steps required for frontier mail outlook settings.

Frontier IMAP/POP Settings (Incoming Mail Server)

Account Type (Frontier Mail IMAP server) – POP

Frontier Email IMAP User Name – Enter your full email id

Frontier Mail IMAP password- Enter your Frontier email password

Frontier Email IMAP Server Hostname-

Frontier Email IMAP Serverport- 995

Frontier Email IMAP SSL/TSL required- Yes

Authentication required- Enter your email account username and password

After changing the settings, you can receive mails without much of a hassle. However, you need to apply SMTP settings to make sure the outgoing mail service is active.

Frontier SMTP Settings

Account Type (Frontier Mail SMTP Server) – SMTP

Frontier Mail SMTP User Name- Enter your Frontier email id

Frontier Mail SMTP Password- Enter your Frontier email password

Frontier Mail SMTP hostname-

Frontier Mail SMTP port- 465

Frontier Mail SMTP SSL/TSL required- Yes

Authentication Required- Enter your username and password

Frontier Mail Outlook Settings

Follow these steps or Frontier yahoo mail settings. Enter the following in the incoming mail server:

Ø  The server should show

Ø  The port should be set at 993

Ø  In tab ‘required SSL’, write Yes

For outgoing mail server:

Ø  The server should show

Ø  The port settings should be 587 or 465

Ø  In ‘Required SSL’ there should be Yes

Ø  Required Authentication should also show Yes

Ø  Enter the following for logging in- your email id and passwordØ  Ensure ‘Required Authentication’ should answer Yes

Frontier Mail Settings for Outlook 2016

Ø  Open your Microsoft Outlook Application

Ø  Click on to Files tab

Ø  Select the account from drop-down menu

Ø  Click on the Advanced tab

Ø  Select Manually setup or additional server types from the left

Enter the following in the incoming mail server setting:

Ø  Server tab- Enter

Ø  Port value- 995

Ø  Enter yes when prompted for authentication

Enter the following in the outgoing mail server setting:

Ø  Server tab-

Ø  Port value- 465

Ø  Type SSL in the Encryption Method

Ø  Save the changesØ  Use right click on Test to check the settings

Frontier Mail Settings for Outlook 2010

Open Outlook and then click on ‘File’. Follow these steps:

Ø  Open ‘Add Account’

Ø  Click on ‘Manually configure server settings’

Ø  Click ‘Next’

Ø  In user information section, use your name. In email address section, use your Frontier email id.

Ø  Choose POP3 in ‘Server information’ section and enter for Incoming Mail Server Setting and for ‘SMPTP (Outgoing Mail Server).

Ø  Enter your email id and password in the log in information section

Ø  Use right click on more settings

Ø  Type in a name for mail account on the General tab

Ø  Choose SMTP from Outgoing Server Tab’ and use similar settings like Pop3

Ø  Use right click on the Advanced Tab

Ø  Enter 995 for incoming mail server

Ø  Use a tick mark on the box adjacent to ‘This server requires an encryption connection (SSL).

Ø  Enter 465 for outgoing mail server and choose SSL for encryption connection.

Ø  Click on to ‘OK’

Ø  Make sure there is a check mark beside ‘Test account Settings by clicking the next button, enter nextØ  Click on to finish.

And that’s how you configure the frontier mail settings for outlook. Make sure you follow all the steps otherwise you will not achieve the desired result. Also note that other software and third-party clients may tweak the Frontier mail settings in a different way. If you have more queries on Frontier mail setting for outlook express, you can get in touch with professionals who are a pro in the industry. They will always help you to make your life simpler.

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