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Youtube TV On firestick

Is youtube tv available on firestick? Many users have posted this question in our review feed. The answer is Yes. Youtube tv is available on Firestick. To install Youtube TV on firestick you have three mediums, one is official and the other two are unauthorized ways. In this article, we have discussed a large part of the installation process of Youtube TV on firestick. Earlier due to misinterpretation between Google and Amazon, they are not wishing to sign a bond between them that causes a drawback for many users who are wishing to install youtube tv on firestick. For most of the last decade, they are not able to discuss their applications with each other. However, in the last few years, the two giants have come together and agreed to allow the Youtube application to run on the Firestick. Now, with extra comfort, you can watch youtube tv on the firestick.

How to install Youtube TV on firestick officially from the Amazon App Store?

To install Youtube TV on firestick officially from the Amazon App Store, you need to follow the below steps:-

  1. Open the Amazon App Store.
  2. Tap on the search bar and write Youtube TV.
  3. Now, press the search icon.
  4. Tap on the Youtube TV icon, scroll down and press the Get tab.
  5. On the next window, the download status is displayed.
  6. Once you download the Youtube TV App, tap on the Open tab to run the application.
  7. Now you need to grant the necessary permission and offer the required information.
  8. Launch the Application, on the home screen tap on the SIGN IN tab.
  9. Enter the login credentials and you are able to enjoy youtube on your big screen.

How to get Youtube TV on firestick via the Downloader App?

The user needs to follow certain mere steps that are discussed below and get the Youtube TV on firestick:-

First, you need to prepare the firestick by heeding the mentioned guidance:-

  1. Open the Settings of the Firestick. You will get the setting icon on the home screen.
  2. Proceed to the My Fire TV segment.
  3. Choose the Developer Options. 
  4. Expand the option and Turn ON the Apps from Unknown Sources option. It may be OFF as per the default settings.
  5. Revisit the Settings section.
  6. Press the Preferences tab.
  7. Click on the Privacy Settings and turn OFF the Collect App Usage Data option.

Update Youtube TV On Firestick

After completing the setting process, now initiate the updating process of Youtube TV on Firestick, for that, you need the below instructions:-

  1. Open the Search menu and search the Downloader option. You can download it directly from the Amazon App store.
  2. Now follow the on-screen instructions and download the Downloader App. Grant all the required permission and install the Application.
  3. Launch the Downloader App and tap on the “HTTP://” option.
  4. Now, enter the on the “HTTP://” field and press the GO tab.
  5. Now you can download the latest version of Youtube TV for your Firestick. A new window will be open with the downloading status. 
  6. Once you downloaded the updated Youtube TV software then you need to install it by offering all the required device permissions.
  7. Once the installation process is done, you will get the Youtube TV on Firestick. 
  8. Launch the Youtube TV app by pressing the Open tab, open the settings section, expand the System Info, and check the Youtube TV version.
  9. Move back to the home screen and you can easily watch youtube tv on firestick.

Note- Now, you can delete unofficial APK. It will grant you more space and protect your system from malware. For buffer-free streaming, always set the video quality to Full HD, and it will also help you to save the internet.

How to install Youtube TV on firestick via the Silk Browser?

Silk apps can be used to install Youtube TV on firestick. To install Youtube TV on firestick via the Silk Browser, the user needs to follow the below steps:-

  1. Silk Browser is the safest browser and you do not need to worry about privacy. Launch the browser and tap on the search icon. It is in the top links of the display.
  2. To find the Silk Browser, you need to write the Silk Browser in the search box and press the search icon.
  3. Once you get the Silk Browser link then press the Download tab. The system will take time to Download, once the app is downloaded you will get a notification on your screen.  
  4. Now, click on the Install tab, once the browser installed, offer the required permissions and launch the browser. Paste the link on the search bar of the silk browser and download the Youtube TV App for your firestick.

How to get the Youtube TV icon on the home screen of Firestick?

To get the Youtube TV icon on the home screen of Firestick, you need to follow the below-mentioned guidance:-

  • Find your firestick remote, press the Home button for a while till you get the Menu option.
  • Explore the Menu option and tap on the Apps icon.
  • Visit the Application list, here you will get the list of all the installed apps.
  • Scroll down to the bottom to find the YouTube app.
  • Select the Youtube app and press the Options button. It is present on your firestick remote.
  • Take the cursor to the Move option and tap on it. You will get the Move option from the popup box. Take the Youtube icon and drop it wherever you wish.
  • For posting the Youtube icon on your home screen, you need to visit the home screen and tap on the Select tab.
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