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What To Do if no sound on firestick Best Solution

Sound is the soul of Entertainment. What if your firestick has no sound or produces rackless sounds? Every one of us uses firestick to satisfy our entertainment interest. When we watch movies or shows through the amazon firestick, a couple of things come to our mind that the picture quality must be a high standard, and the sound nature must be as per our preference.

Amazon firestick sound not working is a viable irritation problem that everyone is tired of handling. The sound issues arise at regular intervals due to the various uncertain reasons. You should be able to address the no sound on firestick issues by yourself, and for solving it, you do not need high technical knowledge. To get rid of it, you simply require to follow the steps and instructions that are mentioned here. By following our guidance, you will be able to review and address a lot of issues in detail, and you do not need to take the hassle.

Important Points Before Resolving No Sound On Amazon Firestick

Before going with the solutions for no sound on firestick issues, first, ascertain some knowledge about the Amazon Firestick and concerns related to it. The Amazon Firestick is available in three versions, the user can choose them as per their budget and requirement. You can select one of the following methods:-

  • Fire TV Stick with the 1080p Video streaming feature.
  • Fire TV Stick with the 4K video streaming feature.
  • Fire TV Stick with voice aid features for the ECHO devices.

Choose a model as per your choice and necessity, and enjoy a high standard of entertainment shows, movies, stream music as per the requirement. Due to high utilization or device issues, you may get the distorted sound output as the fire stick is a multiplication entertainment device, so it is tough to find where and how the firestick sound is not working. The objective of the Fire TV is to integrate the many world-famous shows, videos, music, and deliver it to the user through the network chain of Amazon.

To enjoy the wireless entertainment service, you need to use the HDMI; it can be connected to the TV receiver and Firestick for the necessary functionality. This program can update the movies, web series, and all other entertainment shows. If you don’t understand how to link or upgrade devices, contact Amazon Firestick or your service provider. In case you face issues like- sound on firestick not working, then also you can ask the service provider to provide you the best possible solution.

How to fix the no sound on firestick issue?

Is your firestick has no sound or the sound quality is distorted? If yes, then go through the following solution to fix the no sound on the firestick issue by yourself. For solving these issues, you do not need to have excellent technical knowledge; follow the below instructions to fix the error in no time.

Step 1: Incorrect Power Supply or weak Plugging Point

Sound is the inner soul of entertainment, without decent sound quality, you can not enjoy the rhythm of your shows, movies, etc. When you observe that your firestick has no sound, then make sure to check the power supply plug or source output. As you know, many users go for the USB cord to link their TV with the Amazon fire stick; however, a USB port is never enough to produce the required output, so you may face failure issues for streaming your favorite shows. Due to the USB power cord, you may suffer the no sound on the firestick issue as your TV may not get the required energy to run the show; for this, you may encounter that firestick has sound, but no picture is presented on the screen. So make sure to plug the power supply properly, and always make the electrical connection directly. If you were still unable to fix the no sound on the firestick issue, then move to the next step or unplug the power outlet and reinsert it after a while.

Step 2: Restart the Amazon fire stick

After correcting the plugin issues, now check whether the no sound from firestick still exists then simply restart the amazon fire stick. When you restart the program, you can overcome problems like file uploading error, connectivity error, and many more errors. If you are lucky, then you can efficiently resolve firestick sound stopped working issues. For assistance, you can contact the Amazon officials directly.

Step 3: Make sure audio on TV is not muted

Many users accidentally press the mute button and fail to get the probable tone outcome. Before you check your TV remote, make sure the audio of your device is not dead. If the sound of your amazon fire stick is OK, then on your TV screen, connect the device with the amazon fire stick, and find your TV remote. When you get the remote, press the Mute button to unmute the television. Take the remote control of your TV and enjoy the unlimited shows offered by the Amazon network.

Step 4: Check HDMI Connection of the amazon fire stick

Many users complain that they are facing no sound on firestick issues due to technical error; however, they neglect to check the HDMI extension cord connection. You won’t believe you may be facing the no sound on firestick issues because you attach the HDMI extension cord loosely with the device. To regain sound, you need to implement the following steps:- 

  • Turn backside of your system.
  • Unplug the HDMI extension cord.
  • Wait for a while and insert the HDMI extension cord tightly. 
  • Check the connection and switch on the power of your amazon fire stick.

Step 5: Make sure that your device HDMI Port is Compatible for Audio

Follow all the above steps, but still, your firestick sound is not working. Do not worry if you check all the high prospects; then, it means your device does not contain any technical errors. It’s maybe due to the fact that your HDMI Port is Compatible for Audio. For solving the error, you need to use an HDMI Port that Compatible to produce Audio. Make sure that after attachment or connection, you are not getting a PC, Monitor, or DVI message.

Step 6: Switch on the Audio Receiver

When your firestick sound stopped working, then make sure to check the audio receiver. In case you are using any external sound system to boost the audio quality, then be sure to check the AV receiver. For better sound quality, make necessary changes and switch on the audio receiver. If you are using the Dolby Digital external sound system to enhance the sound quality, then first check your television is compatible with the Dolby Digital soundbar or not. If your device is compatible then to turned on the sound, make sure to follow the below steps to fix the no sound on the firestick issue by yourself:-

  1. Use the Firestick remote and visit the home screen.
  2. Find the Settings icon and tap on it.
  3. Choose the Display & Sounds tab.
  4. Visit the Dolby Digital Output section and turn the option ON.

Note:- However, be sure that your device is compatible with the Dolby Digital soundbar. In case your external system does not support the Dolby Digital Plus technology, then you may face the same issues (no sound on firestick) as the firestick will fail to produce the sound output.

After following all the steps, still, you are facing issues to regain sound then you may need to change the firestick. For ultimate convenience, you can contact the officials or experts of Amazon. Always be ready for entertainment, connect firesticks, and enjoy a wide range of shows, movies on your standard TV. You can select the subscription plan free of cost, and for your comfort, always go for the trial plans.

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