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Firestick Remote Not Working

It is so frustrating when the firestick remote is not working or failing to pair. It will block your path of entertainment and destroy the spirit. We use Firestick for watching movies, shows, and convert standard television into a smart television. 

Near to 40% of the time, we invest in our television with various entertainment platforms like- Apple TV, Amazon Firestick TV, Hbogo, and many others. The error can be solved by rebooting the device, however, sometimes you need a bit of expert advice to resolve these types of issues. 

The FireStick normally starts, but the work is not very long. It took a couple of minutes to realize the firestick remote is not working. If your Amazon fire stick does not suit, you would like to see it reworked. This will be a list of hypotheses and ideas. One of the main reasons for its popularity is the remote control given when you order the device property. 

The initial Amazon Fire TV update has been updated remotely, it will help you to solve the firestick remote not working on tv issues. Many of these devices support a standard feature of sound, reticence, and control. For eg, the payers of this or other portable Fire TV or Fire TV Cable versions have had problems in the past.

Yes, we know you are not excited about the above boring part, hence, you are only here to know how to pair the firestick remote and why the firestick remote is not working. Right? Don’t worry, in this article, we will offer you comprehensive clarifications to your respective concerns.

Why is the firestick remote not working?

Remote is an attachment that offers powers and wings to the entertainment world, however, it runs on batteries and it is hungry for the battery juice. 

The waste problem is more than double that after using the FireStick for some time and pumping into the reservoir. Without the alert, the tank would deplete. If your remote fire stick ceases running unexpectedly, the tank’s juice has literally been plundered by your remote fire stick. 

When the batteries die, you will face the error like- firestick remote not working. To resolve this you need to change the battery. Change the battery and re-setup all the units, you may gain your enjoyment back. Still, your firestick remote not working then follow the key Instruction mentioned below:-

  1. restart process

    The restart process will get your remote in a working state.

  2. remove the batteries or cells rub & reinsert

    Before, you check the functionality, make sure to remove the batteries from the remote, rub them, and reinsert the batteries once again.

  3. Replace Old batteries or cells

    If your firestick remote will not working then buy a new pair of batteries or cells and replace it with the old damaged battery. After re-inserting the battery follow the same setup rule and you are able to gain your key to entertainment.

Use the following guide to remotely attach Firestick after new batteries are connected to your firestick and witness the incredibility at your fingertips:-

Pairing process:-

  • Turn off the FireStick and unplug it.
  • Wait for sometimes, plug it back, and turn on the device.
  • Hold the Home Button of your firestick remote for 20 to 25 seconds.
  • The notification will appear on your screen that will notify you about the successful pairing process. If you fail to hit the landing page then make sure to go through the above steps twice and thrice till you get a favorable outcome.

Your system will have to go through the repaired process if you are still unable to hit the entertainment world with your Firestick. If a remote non-working case persists, you will actually have to patch the void and buy a new one.

In case, your remote is fine then check if your remote is compatible with the device or not. If your device is not compatible then you may need to upgrade your device.

You can use any game controller as a remote controller to connect your device with Firestick.  However, always go for the authorized game controller that is accepted by the Amazon.

What about the Firestick Remote App?

Amazon offers a Firestick remote software that helps individuals to use the firestick on their iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and other computers or devices. 

The remote will make the process simple and conceivable. You can download the Firestick Remote App free of charge from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The Firestick Remote App will make things simple and you may overcome the physical firestick remote not working issues. Many users go with the app, as the application allows them to use the firestick from their cell phone, they do not need to worry about the range, battery power, and many other circumstances. 

The standard remote requires more attention and with passing time the state of the remote deficit. All the smart users go for the Firestick Remote App as it makes things handy.

Why do people go for the Firestick Remote App?

Firestick Remote Application works the same way as the standard firestick remote, however, the app offers several additional bonuses that are not present on the standard physical version. Some of the benefits are discussed below:-

  • One of the most important features offered through the Firestick Remote App is its keyboard. From now on, you do not need to take stress while searching for something, you can conveniently search the desired topic on your computer by using the virtual keypad.
  • The most conventional advantage of using the firestick remote app is the Alexa voice control feature. All other older versions do not have a voice control option and remote updating features.

However, with the expansion of technology now you can witness the incredible and through the Alexa voice control feature, you will save your entertainment from the firestick remote, not working issues.

How to pair the remote app and overcome the standard firestick remote not working issues?

After downloading the Firestick remote app you need to pair it. To pair the remote app and overcome from the standard firestick remote not working issues, you need to follow the below mentioned Instruction:-

  1. Launch the Firestick remote app.
  2. Choose the device from the available options.
  3. Note the four-digit code. You will get the code on your computer screen.
  4. Now, enter the four-digit code in the authorized box.
  5. The system will take some time to configure the pairing process.


You may need to use the wireless internet connection when you fail to gain the desired choice in your computer list. To connect the fire stick, you need to connect your device and firestick to the same wireless network, it will help you to overcome the standard firestick remote, not working issues.

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