How to connect Firestick to wifi?

Purchased an Amazon Fire Stick and want to learn to connect it to Wi-fi.

In this article, we have answered a few of your questions:-

  • How to connect Amazon FireStick to wifi?
  • Why is my firestick not connected to wifi?
  • mirror iPhone to firestick without wifi
  • How to connect a firestick to wifi without a remote?
  • firestick connected to wifi but not internet

If we go on searching on the internet the list is never-ending. Many users have given different steps and processes which might work for a few and some may still be searching for ways.

So what’s stopping you from enjoying your favorite shows, movies, etc on Amazon Fire Stick.

This manual will be useful for you to connect your device to the wifi network.

Amazon Fire Stick, the famous brand that each one desires to have on their homes. This device enables any TV so that different contents can be streamed on Netflix, Twitch TV, Roku TV, Tubi TV, etc. The stick is free of cost without any monthly charges.

Connecting Amazon Firestick to Wifi

Follow the steps to connect the Firestick to wifi:-

  1. Firstly, you need to connect the FireStick to the TV.
  2. Next, at the back of the TV, an HDMI port is attached to it. Just directly connect the firestick to wifi.
  3. Now, turn the TV on. Check the connection that you connected to the input source properly.
  4. Get the USB attached to the Fire Stick. The cable needs to be connected to the adapter at one end and the other to the power source.
  5. If the TV has an open USB port then connect the plug to the TV directly.
  6. Now choose the Settings tab in the Fire Stick with the help of the remote.
  7. Next move to the top of the Home Screen by tapping the arrow buttons.
  8. Then tap the Home button and enter the “Home menu”.
  9. Tap on the “Network” option on the settings.
  10. Network resembles a Wi-Fi indication.
  11. Now use the directional keys using the remote.
  12. Then choose the preferred network.
  13. Next tap the home network.
  14. Now type wifi password.
  15. Tap the Select tab using the remote.

How to connect a firestick to wifi without a remote?

If your device has no remote then connect the mobile with the home network. The fire stick and mobile should be connected to the same network. You need to download the app on your phone and choose a Firestick device to pair with. 

Here are the steps you need to follow to connect firestick to wifi without a remote:-

  1. Once the download process completes proceeding to install it with the Amazon Fire TV app to link to Firestick.
  2. Now, set the new Wifi hotspot with the same name and password of the wireless network.
  3. Use the wifi settings of the phone to connect the Fire Stick to the system.
  4. Next you see a 4 digit code on your Fire TV screen, type the code. 
  5. Now pair the devices to the network.
  6. Then reprogram the Fire Stick to the Building’s Wi-Fi.
  7. Next, switch off the hotspot.
  8. The firestick app will function as a remote.
  9. The other phone operates as a hotspot.
  10. You can head to control the Fire tv with the help of the device.
  11. Nowadays, phones have a new feature i.e. voice control. You can choose it for navigation.

If in case the firestick does not appear on the remote then check the wi-fi network that they are on the same network. Restart both the devices to fix the issue.

How to connect a firestick to wifi with a computer?

The computer needs to have an HDMI port.

Follow the process to connect firestick to wifi with computer:-

  1. Firstly, connect the Fire Stick to the HDMI cable and connect to the TV.
  2. You will see content streaming on the screen.
  3. Check the computer and Amazon firestick are on the same wi-fi network.
  4. Choose Mirroring and then the notification option in the taskbar.
  5. Pick the Connect option from the bottom slider.
  6. Choose the Amazon  Firestick
  7. Choose Network.
  8. Search for the names from the network list.
  9. Now enter the network along with the password. 
  10. Tap the Connect button.
  11. Until you remove the cable the firestick will have remained.
  12. Sometimes mirror images are displayed as small so there’s a need to change the resolution in the computer in order to make it better.

Firestick connected to wifi but not internet

The network of the Amazon Fire TV has a tool that is useful to fix the issues.

  1. In some cases connect the amazon firestick to wifi.
  2. The issue faced by the users can be fixed by checking the strength regularly.
  3. Next restart the modem and also the router. Now check whether the firestick is working or not.
  4. Move the router to the TV.
  5. Next, link the device to the power supply.
  6. When your device is disconnected, go to the Wi fi in the Network settings, or type the password.
  7. Now, choose an Ethernet adapter and connect the Firestick to the router using an Ethernet cable.
  8. You can also change the wifi channel to the recommended settings.
  9. Next go to the store and cheque that you can access the internet.
  10. Now place the Fire Stick away from the TV utilizing the HDMI Extender to improve the Wi-Fi signal strength.
  11. Always make sure to remove any extra device placed nearby.

Why won’t my firestick connect to my wifi?

When your device has an error on the screen. You can face connectivity issues.

Following are the steps to be followed:-

  1. First check the status information on the Fire TV.
  2. Type the password in the Wi-Fi network again and try to reconnect it.
  3. Now use the Configuration settings on your router.
  4. Connect the network to the TV utilizing the WPS tab on the Router.
  5. Now alter the configuration settings. 
  6. Next check the device setup. Do not place both the device together as it limits the Network coverage.
  7. Now proceed to verify the compatibility between Fire TV and the Router.
  8. If in case the device is outdated then you are required to update the software.
  9. Now, reset the Modem and then configure it again. After that check, if the issue is resolved.
  10. Before connecting the devices check whether the network speed is strong enough for a smooth connection.
  11. Remove the previous wifi connection and search again to connect again to the request devices.
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