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How To Resolve Firestick won’t turn on

Your firestick won’t turn on? The reason may be technical or software but the outcome will be the same. When firestick not turning on, you face issues like-  crashing, a frozen screen, app errors, blank home screen, deserted audio, desolate visuals, and many problems. All these issues will lead you to get an unsatisfactory experience of entertainment. When the standard function of the amazon fire stick does not perform well, you need to take many actions to resolve.

To resolve the issues you may search in the search bar, how to turn on the firestick remote? The best way to get your functional amazon fire stick back, turn the system off by unplugging the power cord switch. Wait for some minutes, plug the power cord back, and restart the device. It may help you to turn on the firestick. However, during the unplugging process make sure you are taking all the precautions required. 

The device remote control is another effective way to reboot the device. To reset the device with the help of a remote, you need to tap on the “Select” tab and “Play or Pause” buttons at the same time. You can use one of the best methods to reset your Firestick. The best method is that you need to visit the “Settings” option and select the “Device” option, then you need to press the “Restart” button.

You may have doubt why won’t my firestick turn on? One cause could be the defective power source, link error, authentication error, or failure of the device setup process. You may have an issue with your router or modem or the computer is not linked to the network. The reasons are many that will let your firestick won’t turn on. Sometimes due to the weak connection of Wi-Fi or using wrong credentials may stop you to witness the favorite shows with your amazon fire stick.

So when your firestick won’t turn on or work, check the password or user ID, if you mentioned the correct login credentials, however, still facing the same issues then it may be related to the set-up of the Firestick. To resolve the issues, first, check the physical view, and check whether your WiFi signal has no other hurdles and your amazon fire stick is working properly. If you face problems to connect your firewall to WIFI then contact your ISP provider.

Still, your Firestick not turning on, the following are the problems that may exist to your device:-

  • The battery power of the remote is expired or wrongly attached to the remote.
  • Mis connection of power cable or loosely attachment between the HDMI port and amazon fire stick.
  • Issues with the adapter.
  • Using a weak or low standard of adapters and other connecters like- HDMI cable.
  • Unplug of the wall outlet.
  • Unknowingly forget to plug the power source with the device.
  • Weak Wi-Fi connection.
  • Wrong use of credentials or using an old expired password.
  • Misplace of HDMI connection.
  • Failing to connect with the network.
  • Most of the time the user thinks that the issues are technical, however, they are not using the accurate and correct form of the login method.
  • Problems associated with the modem and router.

When the issue occurs with the remote?

  1. Unplug the device and keep it off for a while.
  2. Plug the firestick back and press the home button for at least five seconds.
  3. The process will take some time for the configuration process. Now, you can use firestick and enjoy your shows, movies, etc.

Note:- The remote must be fully charged and successfully paired with the device.

How to turn on firestick when the problem is associated with the router and modem?

When you get to know that the problem is associated with the router or modem, then you need to through the below instructions to turn on your firestick:-

  1. Check the Compatibility criteria of the device.
  2. Check whether the Firestick and your router or modem meet the specific criteria of compatibility.
  3. Review the configuration and check if the problem exists due to the specifications of the modem or rounder. For stable and better connections, the specifications of the router must be set to 2.4 GHz for the N, B, and G. Whereas for the N and A it should be set to 5 GHz.
  4. If the setting is fine and the connection is stable, however, still firestick not turning on then close it for a while and restart it after five minutes.

Note:- In case after following all the instructions still your firestick is not turning on then you need to communicate with your service provider or any other network administrator. If the network connection is okay then be in touch with the manufacturer of the router and modem.

How to turn on firestick when the problem is associated with the wireless connection?

After setting the router and modem, however, the issues still exist then it may be due to the wireless network. The weak and unstable wireless connection will not allow the firestick to turn on. For turning on your amazon fire stick follow the below steps:-

  1. Find the Usage tool. For gaining the tool, you need to visit the Setting section and expand it to tap on the Network option.
  2. The tool will check if the firestick is wired with the best wireless system and at the same time the tool will check is it a safe system or not. The approach also demonstrates whether Internet access is standard or not. Moreover, the tool helps to offer solutions that can connect the device and allows the firestick to turn on.

How to turn on a firestick without a remote?

When you get to know that there is everything okay with the router and wireless connection then it means there are no major issues associated with this. After following all the above-aforementioned steps, now, it’s time to restart the firestick. If you are lucky then you may be able to solve the error and enjoy the world of entertainment. The steps are:-

  1. Unplug the power adapter.
  2. Wait for at least two to five minutes.
  3. Plug the power adapter once again. Now you may be able to use the firestick and enjoy your shows.

How to perform the troubleshoot option when firestick will not turn on?

You can also restart the device by visiting the Settings section then click on the Device tab, scroll down the menu, find the Restart tab, and tap on it. For the better viewing experience follow the below steps:-

  • Go to the Settings section.
  • Find the Display tab and tap on it.
  • Make necessary changes like- Brightness, Colour, Constraint, and others.

How to turn on a firestick via remote?

If you wish and are comfortable with the remote then you can restart the system through the remote also. For this, you need to follow the below instruction:-

  • Go to the Settings section.
  • Find the Display tab and tap on it.
  • Make necessary changes like- Brightness, Colour, Constraint, and others.

What to do when the issues associated with the Physical Connection?

The amazon is firestick not turning on, it may be for the misanthropic nature with the Television combination. If the TV supports the Firestick, the concern might be that you positioned the Firestick on the HDMI interface wrongly. Check the HDMI connection and recheck whether you attach them with the device strongly or not. When you face a problem with the physical connection, simply unplug it and link the HDMI with the firestick strongly.

If the HDMI connection is correct then the issue maybe with the battery. So for solving this issue, you simply need to change the battery to use your Firestick.

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