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Espn user not authorized error – How to fix

ESPN, the name itself is enough for a sports lover. If you have activated the channel on your device then you can watch any tournament as you watch on your TV. Every sports lover schedules their time if any tournaments are going to air. If on that date there is something important to hold then sports lovers are likely to cancel it.

Meanwhile when there is a tournament that will be streaming live and you come excitedly to watch but your luck does not favor you showing an error on the screen while opening the Watch Espn app.

Searching for ways to fix the error on Espn then you are at the right page. We have discussed user not authorized error ESPN cox, ESPN user not authorized error fios, ESPN Roku playback error user not authorized, etc.

We have pinged out a few of the issues to make you aware of the error.

  • When you open the Espn app to watch shows and you cannot log in as it shows that you are not authorized to use it. This is mainly if you have not cleared your browsing history.
  • Using a different browser to Login to the Espn App.
  • You have installed many apps that are not even used once and this leads to storage full.

How to Fix the Error User Not Authorized on Espn App?

Let’s have a look at the fixes so that you might be able to resolve the error on your own.

i) Use a different browser:

Always make sure that the device where you want to stream is a compatible one. If users using Google Chrome as a browser try to use other browsers so that your screen does not show ‘you are not an authorized user’. The best part is Espn has its app so you can use the app to stream the tournament or any live matches.

ii) Clear the background Apps:

When your device has less storage space then you may face errors blinking on your screen ‘user not authorized error’ while logging in.

At a time we open many apps but we forget to close the application and so first you need to close the running apps in your background. These apps in the background will hinder the Espn app from operating. Clear the apps and then open the Espn app freshly.

iii) Clear the History Data

If your device shows the error message ‘user not authorized’, then this is due to browsing history which you have not yet cleared from Google Chrome. You need to clear the data and after that login again into the Espn account. This will make the app’s performance better.

iv) Restart the app:

While opening the Espn app on Roku or Cox or the site through the browser, you need to Restart your device. Just unplug or switch off your device for few minutes and after that plug it back in. This fix is very easy and simple. If you have any software bugs then using this technique will fix the error. After restarting the app then log in to the account.

v) Multiple Devices:

Users may sign in to a single account using different devices and then the authentication error occurs on your screen.

First thing you need to check that you are using one device to log in to the account. If you have logged in to different devices then go to the Settings and click the LogOut button.

vi) Activation

After going through many fixes, you are still not able to access the Espn account. In this case, log out of the account and go to the website to regenerate the code to activate the Espn account. Clicking on the Generate code tab you will receive a new code that you need to enter on the Activation page of Espn.

vii) Clear the Dues:

Sometimes you might forget to pay the bill which leads to the authentication error blocking you from streaming the channel on your Devices like Roku. You may not be aware and in this busy schedule, the issue may not come to your mind. You need to keep the Notification toggle on and get notified about the payments so that you do not miss any.

Clear your dues and then access the Espn app and enjoy streaming live tournaments.

Users with the Cox network can also face the same error on their devices.

You are required to analyze the root cause of the problem unless you detect it you can solve any problems. Check that the error is appearing on all the channels or only one channel. This will help you to figure out the problem and how to fix it efficiently.


If you tried the above-mentioned fixes but you cannot stream still then try contacting the Customer Executive for assistance. Clearly describe the issue you are facing so that they can decode the problem and guide you to fix it. If required they will send you a technician to observe the issue and solve the issues perfectly.

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