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How to fix Espn startup error 1008

Espn is a sports channel with access to many devices like Roku, FireStick, Apple TV, etc. If any user wants to activate the channel on your streaming platform they need to activate it on their devices.

Every one or the other app causes errors while streaming videos so does the Espn app.

This blog is all about the issues of Espn error code 1008, how to fix the ESPN startup Error on the devices.

What is Espn Error 1008 Code?

When users open the Espn app they might face the error code 1008 which is related to starting the app. An issue that normally depicts the information of the glitch, what is the reason for the occurrence of this error code? Which part of the application is facing the breakdown, alongside some other information.

Though the code may happen in a wide range of areas within the app system, it is not so easy to detect and fix the error code if you do not have the specialized knowledge of that program or software.

When the App does not work or starts then the problem is not in the device but the app itself has the system error.

The message pop up during the error

“Startup Error Something went wrong, the application could not start up correctly (1008)”.

What are the causes of Error 1008 on ESPN Plus or ESPN?

  • Sometimes your PC gives a warning with the error 1008 which means your system is not functioning properly.
  • Because you had not installed the software according to the steps provided and also during uninstallation you will face the same error code if not done systematically.
  • If you force stops the app or automatically shut down due to power failure then you will encounter the error code.
  • When you take the device to a technician and by mistake, he deletes the data present in the app system, your device will show the error.

How to Fix the Error Code 1008?

Sometimes the error resolves itself but this is not the case for all the users. There are not many solutions to fix the error.

So, here we have just figured out a few of the solutions to help you out.

  • Try using a Downdetector app to detect and get the information considering the issue you are facing.
  • If you want to fix the issue instantly then you need to edit system elements manually for repairing.
  • The most important solution is to contact a specialized technician who has the knowledge to repair your device.
  • There is also a risk for the Windows system that leads to unbooting the operating system. So use the Windows Software which is meant for only repairing Windows System Elements.

Follow the following points to fix the error on Espn:-

  1. Download the Windows Repair app:

    Firstly, from your windows PC, you need to download the Windows Repair app.

  2. Install and Launch:

    Next step, proceed to install and after that launch the repair app.

  3. Detect the issue:

    Then hit the Scan tab to determine the cause of the error 1008 code.

  4. Proceed to fix the issue:

    Hit the Repair All tab to repair the detected irregularities.

Thus, with this, the error code will be resolved on your device. If you face the error on Samsung TV then go through the steps mentioned above.

If the steps do not solve the issue then contact the support team of ESPN. You can get a suitable solution to your issue.

Also try visiting:-

You will be directed to the homepage of Espn Official Site.


The Error 1008 on Espn is usually a temporary problem relevant to the App Startup. On this page, we have tried our best to clarify all the data and solutions respecting the error code.

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