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Epson Printer Skipping Lines

Are you encountering Epson printer skipping lines in the text printed? The reason may be associated with the physical or interior interface. An Epson printer may be a means to take photographs and text from a device and convert it onto a standard paper sheet of printed materials. 

The size, accuracy, performance, and costs of printer systems differ. More costly printers like- Epson are typically needed for better color printing quality. With the Epson printer, the users face issues like- depleted, unfinished, or deleted, you can have a stuck nozzle, a common problem that many people have with Epson printers.

First, begin to collect information about the Epson printer before dealing with the solution on Epson printer skipping lines issues. Epson is a Japanese electronics corporation and one of the leading suppliers of computer and image printers worldwide. It is a major Seiko company and has been popular to supply Seiko horns since its inception. 

Epson company headquarters are based in Suwa, Nagano, Japan, and the company has enhanced goodwill with a vast number of subsidiaries worldwide producing inkjets, advanced projection devices, printers, laser printers, dot matrix, home video, robotics, networks, delivery dock, laptop computers, and home theatre.

A vital text can be typed, but you can scarcely decipher what was written because the white horizontal line is in it. Perhaps for a while, your printer has not been in operation and your tin gets dusty. A basic operations series must be done in this case. You must not worry as in this article we will provide solutions on how to fix Epson printer skipping lines.

An Epson printer skipping line issue has been faced by many Epson printer users. It is a typical issue with printing which may take place for many reasons that are mentioned below:-

  1. Misaligned print heads
  2. Low-quality print settings
  3. Nozzle clogs
  4. Incorrect paper thickness settings

How to fix Epson printer skipping lines?

To fix Epson printer skipping lines issues, the user need to follow the below steps:-

1- Run the utility for cleaning the printer cartridges

  • Launch your computer system. 
  • Attach your Epson printer.
  • Go to the Control Panel section.
  • Visit the Devices and Printers section.
  • Expand the option and choose the Printing preferences option.
  • Expand the Services tab and choose the Service of this device.
  • Tap on the Clean the Print Cartridge option. 
  • Now, follow the on-screen instructions and clean up.
  • To see the favorable outcome, print a test sheet.

2- Clean all the electrical contacts

  • Disconnect and detach the Epson printer from the power supply.
  • Withdraw the cartridges from the initial position.
  • To defend against tin leakage make the nozzle board out.
  • Find the electrical contacts. In case, you fail to find it then look for copper-colored equipment.
  • To clean them, use distilled water with the lint-free cloth.
  • Clean all the electrical contacts and in the cleaning process make sure to sweep the cartridges of the Epson printer as well.
  • Leave the contacts dry. The drying process will take time, the required time depends on many factors.
  • Once the contacts dry, reattach the cartridges.
  • Switch ON the Epson printer and make a stable connection with the computer system. To see the results take a print out.

3- Remove the black ink cartridge for two to three hours

Some users say that if you disable or unplug the Epson printer for a few hours then the Epson printer skipping lines issue is fixed. To remove the black ink cartridge, you need to follow the below steps:-

  • Switch OFF the Epson printer.
  • Unplug the power source, to stop the power flow.
  • Take the cartridge out from the initial position. The cartridge must be the same as the carrier of black ink.
  • Place the part in front of the nozzle plate on a sheet of paper and wait for two to three hours.
  • Once the stipulated time is completed, you need to reinstall the cartridge.
  • Now, take a paper, place it in the printer and take out a printer to watch if the problem still exists or not.

4- Replace the older Cartridge to a new one

After trying all the above solutions, if the Epson printer skipping lines issues still exists then you must need to replace the old cartridge to the new one. 

In case, you are failing to analyze the reason then you should consult the customer service executive of Epson. They will help you to resolve the Epson printer skipping lines issue.

Why does the epson printer skip lines?

An electric problem can occur. Therefore, the links still have to be washed up. However, note that the printer should be periodically disinfected. This problem generally happens when the ink gets stuck. 

If you haven’t had anything to print for a few weeks, print out a test page that prevents the ink from getting stopped. Call specialist technicians to instruct you in order to eliminate potential complications in addressing the issue of blank lines on Epson printers.

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