Fix Epson Printers Printing blank pages

I have been using an Epson printer quite for a while and a large part of my work depends on them. In the last few months, I have received a lot of queries on how to fix the Epson printer printing blank pages and what does Epson printer printing blank pages mean? 

For their accuracy and durability, Epson printers are one of the trusted printer brands throughout the world. Many users also have questions in their mind about what Epson printer printing blank pages is. In this issue, users fail to take a printout, and that will affect day to day productivity. 

Most of Epson customers always report why is my Epson printer printing blank pages, why is my Epson XP 410 printing blank pages, and all other unexpected errors. 

To solve all these errors, you simply need to follow this article. You have to get to the core reason and learn more facts about these problems and solve them effortlessly.

Why is my Epson printer printing blank pages?

Are your Epson printers printing blank pages? It’s one of the best-known issues for Epson. When the latest cartridge has been mounted, the issue may occur. 

The original cartridge could be in order and a new cartridge needs to be replaced. It could also be a liability related to the hardware and software of the Epson printer. 

All these are some potential explanations for the issue. If you have taken steps to identify the actual challenge, it might be almost impossible to decide the exact reason behind Epson printing blank pages.

Now, you need to check the device and after that, you are able to fix the Epson printing blank pages issue. To check the device, you need to go through the below points:-

  • Place an Epson printer on a flat surface. Make sure the surface should be flat or stable.
  • Review the level of ink cartridges and be sure to use a good quality and standardize paper that supports printing. Keep a note in mind that do not use a Transparency and vellum paper as these types of paper do not support printing.
  • You must verify that paper does not have blank pages and if the document has blank pages then mark it and while printing your respective document be sure that it has the right scale, orientation, and configuration settings.

How to fix Epson printer printing blank pages?

To address Epson printer printing blank pages issues, you simply need to go through the following solutions. While solving the issue, we also try to explain to you the causes behind it. Follow rules mentioned below and fix Epson printer printing blank pages issue:-

1- Review cartridge

The main reason behind the issue is empty cartridges. Many times, users leave cartridges empty and forget to fill them. An empty cartridge plays a crucial role too, so you can search the cartridge to figure out why your printer functions abnormally. 

Check the level of Ink cartridges, if cartridges are empty then fill it, as empty cartridges will contribute nonfunctional printing. You can not print your required documents if the ink level is low or nil.

You will gain the blank pages as the cartridges are removed from the printer device. You may delete your cartridge or not be attached to your printer physically. 

So you just need to reinstall the cartridge and supply power after finding such a problem. Don’t hesitate to check if anything is well with it after reinstallation. Be smart and try to take a few test prints for confirming if the Epson printer printing blank pages issue is resolved or still exists.


  • Always use ink immediately after opening seals and labels.
  • While filling ink, be sure to shake it properly, and open the bottle tap, put it in the initial position to prevent leakage.

2- Carry compatible paper size and review Nozzle

Without paper, you can not take printouts, right? For ensuring this, check the paper case and always go for compatible paper size. 

You have to make sure you use a proper specialized and compatible paper type to prevent Epson printer printing blank pages issues. 

You can solve this dilemma by restoring settings to the usual level if you have changed it accidentally. During the inspection of the paper case, check the printer’s nozzles. One of the key causes of the dilemma of printing is obstructed nozzles. 

The issue may be seen when irregularly or seldom used on printers. You risk hardening your ink because you do not have a respectable quality, and you can cover nozzles of your printer.

In order to prevent this problem, consider the ‘print head nozzle inspection’ feature. It restores normal incense flow, prevents broken joints, and addresses the Epson printer printing blank pages issue.

To clean the nozzle follow below steps:-

  • Tap on the Home button of your Epson printer.
  • Choose the Setup option and navigate to the Maintenance section.
  • Hit Printhead Nozzle Check. A four-color grid page starts from the printer to display blocked papers.
  • Select the Clean option and proceed tab if you encounter gaps or some lines.

After that, if you still encounter the same issues then dial the customer service number 1 (800) 463-7766 and ask them to offer better and instant solutions on the Epson printer printing blank pages issue.

In the meantime, you can also try to update the Epson printer driver as it may solve the issue. For updating your new driver or gaining knowledge about the installation process, you simply are required to follow all the steps mentioned in those articles “paste the link here Epson printer drivers.

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